Come Learn Forex Review: The Shoaib Ahmed Scam!

Welcome to the Come Learn Forex review. Come Learn Forex is a trading education website operating out of London.

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Their only claim to fame is that Come Learn Forex teaches accuracy-based trading and are accredited by CPD.

Does this really matter? Absolutely not.

All we want is to see whether there are real students who have made money using the techniques they claim to teach.

And what exactly does this trading school offer? The offer the following:

  • Basic course: training portal, 30 days free aftercare in addition to access to traders’ chatroom
  • Advanced course: 4 weeks course on accuracy trading.

The advanced course also comes with trading tools like “sniper system” and traders’ journal

The price of the advanced course is £1,999 while the basic course does not have a price tag disclosed yet.

Shoaib Ahmed also claims to have taught owners of various trading schools such as I Markets Live, Melius, Golden room, Amplify Trading, 24hr Trading Academy, Wall Street Academy and so on.

come learn forex review

None of these trading schools can ever produce a redacted broker statement for their trading.

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In fact, some of these trading schools are even more controversial than you might think.

Before you subscribe or pay for a trading course at Come Learn Forex, you need to read our review because we’ll let you know whether this trading school is viable or not.

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Come Learn Forex review

Marketing materials on the Come Learn Forex website suggests that they’ve been endorsed by various media outlets like CNBC, ABC, Digital Journal, Fox News and so on.

We cannot verify this information just yet.

Furthermore, Shoaib Ahmed uses promotional magazines to sell his trading course. These promotional magazines only publish positive reviews.

We’ve never seen any of these magazines posting a negative or truthful review. This means that they get paid in order to post reviews based on how the owner of a trading school wants it to look and read like.

According to promotional material, the trading educator has spent 7 years to develop their first “accuracy based trading course.”

However, reveals that the website of this trading school was creating in August 2018.

It’s possible that this trading educator was running the business offline before they took it online.

If that’s not the case, then probably marketing material on Come Learn Forex is misleading and deceiving.

Who is Shoaib Ahmed of Come Learn Forex?

Mr. Shoaib Ahmed is an interesting character. His real name is Shoaib Ghauri.

Upon scoaring his LinkedIn profile, we discovered that “Shoaib Ahmed” does not have a background in trading or finance at all.

Shoaib Ahmed of come learn forex

This profile also states that Mr. Shoaib Ahmed founded Come Learn Forex in January 2019.

It’s possible that the website was never launched immediately after registering the domain in August 2018.

In fact, the real Mr. Shoaib Ahmed is a jerk of all trades. He spent 2016 selling property. He worked at Dixons retail as a customer support agent. Probably this is where he learned the skill of online marketing.

This information is probably not known by many people who pay or think of paying to get a trading course from this guy.

Before you can pay to join Come Learn Forex, you should ask yourself whether Mr. Shoaib Ahmed has a personal trading record of success.

We don’t believe that someone who has never traded can actually teach you how to trade.

Nowhere in his profile did he mention anything to do with trading Forex, yet marketing materials on the Come Learn Forex claims he developed “accuracy based trading” for 7 years.

This information sounds gimmicky because it can’t be verified. Furthermore, lack of a personal trading record tells us a lot about who the real Shoaib Ahmed is.

The truth is that he is an A-class internet market. He is a trickster. He intends to sell by stating what is not fact about himself or the trading course.

So now that we’ve discovered he’s not a trader, what else? Why are there people on the internet endorsing Come Learn Forex by Shoaib Ahmed?

Trust Pilot: the Mecca of fake trading reviews

Trust Pilot is a reputation management website where all manner of shady reviews can be fabricated and approved.

This is different from forums like FPA where moderators actually cross-check to see whether reviews are coming from the headquarter of the products being endorsed.

Trust Pilot is where you’ll find 5 star rating for Come Learn Forex trading course. Because it is a Mecca of fake trading product reviews, we expect the owner of this trading school to submit multiple fake reviews for approval.

Of course the moderators pay some money to have their fake reviews posted.


Come Learn Forex is yet another trading education website with no verified trading record to convince students.

If they don’t trade a live account and cannot make money themselves trading, what makes you think they got the secret to teach you what you’ll use to succeed?

This mediocrity is very common on the internet. Nearly all trading schools we’ve reviewed here don’t have a success record of trading.

Good examples include BaseCamp Trading, Fast Track Forex, Transparent FX Trading and many others.

Thanks for reading our review. Mr. Shoaib Ahmed is a good marketer.

He makes his income by selling trading education rather than trading. Trading would be more profitable than teaching.

So why would someone not choose the way of profit if he really has the secret? Why is someone opting to sell his secret for thousands of dollars instead?

Food for thought!

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