Coinvestpro Review

Coinvestpro is claiming to be an online investment platform for trading Cryptocurrencies, Forex and stocks markets.

The website of Coinvestpro sounds like a tale in the storybook during bedtime.

It is not where informed investors can put their money in.

Ownership of this site is unknown. The anonymous site admin also owns and

Is Coinvestpro legit?

Definitely they are not legit. Their site does not make any sense.

Investors are never told how their money will be traded.

No explanation about the trading strategy and how risk is to be managed.

Coinvestpro review

The only thing that Coinvestpro wants investors to do is deposit some money into their wallet.

All deposits are accepted in Cryptocurrencies, which means it’s very difficult to recover your money once you’ve sent it.

Can you recover lost funds from Coinvestpro?

Certainly you can. By using this fund recovery service, you’re able to track who stole your money and recover it.

The process involves filling a short contact form on their website with details of the amount you were scammed, your name, site etc.


Coinvestpro is not a true investment platform. That is why the owner is completely anonymous.

And they’re also not regulated, which means the site is here to steal and disappear any minute from now.

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