Review: Is Coin Signals Legit? offers Crypto trading signals via a Telegram bot called Cornix.

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The service is compatible with Binance, Bittrex and a number of other exchanges.

So they’re essentially offering Binance and Bittrex bot signals in addition to USDT BOT and VIP TA Signals.

Supported Crypto pairs are  BTC, USDT, USDC & USD.

Signals can be traded manually or automatically using an API which connects and executes trades on your exchange account. is currently offering their subscribers 4 kinds of subscription packages.

The first package is free to use but has no support or BTC news updates.

The second package is a 30 day subscription package. It costs 0.01 BTC per month.

It offers Crypto signals for the above exchanges in addition to all round support.

The third package costs 0.03 BTC and subscription is on a quarterly basis.

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It has same features as the second package. The fourth one is a yearly subscription pack that costs 0.1 BTC/yearly.

According to, their AI technology scans the Crypto market to find signals that are delivered to traders 24/7.

They also claim that their system scans the market twice to determine any market fluctuations before suitable entry and exit points can be provided.

Is legit?

This might be a legit service but again it’s difficult to tell since the developer has not provided proof of their trading with their system.

They only provide a variety of figures to represent gains achieved using their system through exchanges like Binance, Bitmex and others.

For example, they claim that their system has achieved 350% gain at Binance. review

It is obviously impossible to verify these returns and in fact, this could just be a marketing ploy.

Should you use

Coin Signals has a free plan and if you have the time to dedicate for testing, then I recommend this free plan for a start.

Otherwise, if you’d like to make money right away without subjecting yourself to a testing phase, these tools and resources can help you achieve that.


We appreciate the fact that Coin Signals is providing a free plan for skeptic traders like us.

However, we don’t like the fact that the sales page lacks transparency.

There’s no way we can pay a premium price for Coin Signals when we have not even seen proof of developer’s claims.

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