CoinShield Limited Review: Is a Scam?

Welcome to CoinShield Limited review. is the domain of a broker based in an off-shore location. As the name suggests, this broker offers trading services mainly in Crypto CFDs.

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They claim that their platform is providing over 1000 different assets for trading.

Other than trading services, marketing materials on the site also depict that Coin Shield Limited is providing Crypto mining services. We don’t know how true this is.

Mining of Crypto is no longer profitable in 2020 while trading is. However, if you must trade Crypto, then the best you can do is find a good broker as opposed to an offshore broker like CoinShield Limited.

Apart from the Crypto assets which they claim to offer, this broker also deals in Forex, stock, bonds and real estate.

They are also creating automated trading bots for their clients. CoinShield Limited even claims that their automated trading solutions provide sustainable and reliable way to make money even when client is asleep.

The broker is proclaiming that their platform has attracted over 30,000 investors.

This statement is hard to verify and mostly it sounds like a big fat lie because the website is not receiving any significant traffic.

We’ve checked their Alexa ranking and discovered that CoinShield Limited broker merely receives 50 visitors per day. So how can they claim to have 30,000 investors using their website?

CoinShield Limited review trading and Mining

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While these numbers could change based on how the broker markets their services, these numbers as at the time of publishing this Coinshield Limited review show that the broker does is lying.

Having analyzed the official website of this broker, we’re ready to inform you whether or not trading with this broker is viable assuming we overlook their offshore location and give them a chance.

CoinShield Limited review

We begin this review by discussing background of this company, the people operating the website and their investment or trading experience.

Obviously they have an about us page that does not convince us of their investment prowess.

CoinShield Limited has listed a couple of “team members” on this page. They claim the following:

  • Liam stutt: Chief Market Strategist (Gulf & MENA)
  • Harvey Andrews: Market analyst
  • Bethany Jakoby: Market analyst
  • Pamela C. Moore: Head of finance
  • Chong Lee: CFO
  • Monica Temuna: Market analyst

The authenticity of these names and their alleged photos cannot be verified. That means CoinShield Limited is basically using stock photos and making up names in order to look authentic.

According to CoinShield Limited broker, this information is real but according to our investigations, this information cannot be verified and therefore we believe the broker is a liar.

We need real identities of people in charge of this broker’s services.

On the same note, CoinShield Limited did not disclose their location yet we know very well that they’re operating in an offshore location.

We will talk about why you shouldn’t invest with a brokerage based in an offshore location shortly.

But keep in mind that Coin Shield Limited is operating like other scam brokers we’ve reviewed before.

These include Fair Forex FX, Cent Desk, BGold Capital and others.

CoinShield Limited review: what they claim to offer

They’re offering investment plans that are akin to what ponzi schemes sell to the financially naive internet users.

In as much as this broker is showing us a trading platform which can be used on desktop and mobile, we have actually discovered that no trading platform is involved at all.

They’re showing traders something that looks like MT4 and MT5 trading platforms respectively.

They want to make investors believe that they are operating their service like a fully fledged brokerage house.

However, since no actual trading platform is involved, we cannot expect the benefits of using MT4 and MT5 software.

Some of the benefits of using these trading platforms include:

In other words, the only product offered by CoinShield Limited are the “investment plans” as listed on one of the pages.

There are 4 “investment plans” so far. Details have been provided below:

Basic Plan

$2K – $5K

  • Unlimited Daily Trade
  • 6.25% Weekly returns
  • 25% Monthly returns
  • Free Demo Account
  • 5% referral bonus
  • Personal Account Manager

Platinum Plan

$6K – $14K

  • Unlimited Daily Trade
  • 7.5% Weekly returns
  • 30% Monthly returns
  • Free Demo Account
  • 5% referral bonus
  • Personal Account Manager

Gold Plan

$15K – $499K

  • Unlimited Daily Trade
  • 10% Weekly returns
  • 40% Monthly returns
  • Free Demo Account
  • 7.5% referral bonus
  • Personal Account Manager

Diamond Plan

$500K – $20m

  • Unlimited Daily Trade
  • 12.5% Weekly returns
  • 50% Monthly returns
  • Free Demo Account
  • 7.5% referral bonus
  • Personal Account Manager

These plans suggest that CoinShield Limited is trading for their customers and returning daily ROI.

This is the perfect setup of a ponzi scheme and a way to get scammed.

First, the ROIs are abnormally high and unrealistic. If CoinShield Limited broker has the evidence of their trading performance, it would be fare if they provided it as evidence.

Unfortunately, this is not available. They just want investors to trust their story. Moreover, CoinShield Limited demands very high minimum deposit. This is a red flag.

They shouldn’t demand such deposits because they are unregulated and unlicensed, plus CoinShield Limited does not have a reputation yet.

Their FAQ even claims that if investors send less the stated amount in the aforementioned plans, CoinShield Limited will make them lose their deposit.

That is the best way to describe a thief. By simply going through the official website of this broker, you should get hints of how dangerous “investing” your money with this broker can be.


We don’t know about you but the act of sending your hard-earned money to an offshore broker is quite frightening.

Furthermore, CoinShield Limited and the people who operate it are anonymous. Can they be trusted with $2000 investment? We doubt.

And of course they haven’t shown us their trading activities. Should we continue to believe that legitimate trading is happening behind the scenes as ROIs are paid on a daily or weekly basis?

We are not this naive. To cut the long story short, CoinShield Limited is a scam investment scheme.

Thank you for reading this CoinShield Limited review. We look forward to your feedback.

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  1. Jerry Townsend says:

    This is not true. They may not be authorised. But they are not scams. Yes I said that!

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