Coinbit Pro Review: coinbitpro Ponzi Scam!

Coinbit pro is a Crypto MLM program where participants purportedly earn 100% commission, which is between $100 to $350 paid in Bitcoin.

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Coinbitpro claims to offer 3 types of products/services. These include:

(a)An online Cryptocurrency course

(b)An MLM opportunity where participants are required to sell in order to earn

(c)Marketing funnel

CoinBit Pro is owned and operated by a bunch of individuals who have a history with ponzi schemes.

They include: Luciaan Godfrey (also involved with two other ponzi schemes called and bitcoin commissions), Aaron Civitarese (also involved with EXW-Wallet scam), Astone Davids and Bradley Murray.

The above individuals are of questionable character.

To “invest” in Coinbit pro, one has to part with $150 or $500 in Cryptocurrency upfront.

The two packs contain an introductory course on Crypto, access to back office, marketing system, sales video, lead capture and other typical MLM stuff.

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Is Coinbit pro legit?

Based on the history of the individuals running, I can say that the website is not providing a legitimate product or service.

CoinBit Pro review

They’re accepting payment in Bitcoin yet they want to provide you with an introductory course on Crypto.

The fact that you were able to obtain and pay in Crypto means you already know the basics of Cryptocurrencies.

Yet you’re still paying an upfront fee for information that you already have.

In addition to this, marketing materials on the website makes visitors believe that they will become rich overnight.

There are statements and testmonials that are quite misleading on the website.

All of these are considered red flags.

Should you “invest” in

It’s not worth paying to join CoinBit Pro. Since this is a ponzi scheme, they’ll require you to invite more people into the program.

Since the individuals behind this scheme are popular scammers with a dirty history, you cannot believe them when they tell you that their program will make you rich.

Can you recover money lost into CoinBit Pro?

Yes you can recover money that you lost to this scam especially if you went for the $500.

This can be a significant loss but these guys are ready to help you make that recovery.


This ponzi scheme will waste your time and probably you won’t see any value for money in the end.

You must avoid the website at all cost. If you want to invest in Crypto, you can take advantage of these recommended resources.

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  1. Charlene Meiring says:

    Where can I report this company?

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