CloudStockOptions Review: Scam Binary Options Broker

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CloudStockOptions or Cloud Stock Options was created in early 2019 to provide traders with brokerage services.

Promotion materials on the Cloud Stock Options website claims that the platform is licensed and regulated in Britain, thanks to CySEC licensing.

We’ve looked for records of CloudStockOptions binary options broker on the CySEC database to no avail.

They are also claiming to be registered as CloudStockOptions Europe Ltd.

Nothing is known about this company which makes us wonder whether they can be trusted with money.

CloudStockOptions review

Clearly the security of funds is not guaranteed and the reliability of this broker is definitely questionable.

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Is CloudStockOptions Legit broker?

The only thing that is legit is their website design and the people who sold them this template.

The rest is fake. We do not know of any binary options broker that trades for people and yields them 110% in 7 days.

On the same note, we don’t know of any binary options broker that has the capacity to generate 278% returns in 7 days.

But the scammers who run this platform insist that if you deposit $100, $500 or $1000, they can make you rich in just 7 days.

This is very suspicious.

If this platform is not regulated and only lies can be found all over their salespage, do you believe they can generate any profits for you?

Even your deposit will not be returned.


CloudStockOptions is definitely a scam. You cannot trust this supposedly genuine broker because they are not.

Instead, we see red flags all over their website. In fact, they resemble a ponzi scheme very much.

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