Clear Capital Markets Ltd Review: SCAM It Is!

Clear Capital Markets (website found at is a potential scam. This review lets you know that you need to approach this company with caution.

Clear Capital Markets’ marketing materials portray the company as “an independent and experienced UK stockbroker and wealth manager”.

The website is targeting investors wanting to start a portfolio or those who need portfolio management services.

Although the company says it is headquartered in London, our survey team didn’t find their physical presence in the stated address.

This normally happens when a dubious investment scam is intending to fool regulators so that they can be awarded with a license.

It seems that Clear Capital Markets Ltd used a virtual address for the sake of acquiring an FCA license, thus taking advantage of the regulatory incompetence that has characterized the UK financial industry.

Even though this company appears to be much better than obvious investment scams such as Livetrades, Crowd1 and YieldCrowd, there are apparent tell tale signs that make it so discouraging to trust them.

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Clear Capital Markets ( review

With a professionally-built website and a solid range of investment services purportedly offered on the platform, one would think that this is the ideal investment destination.

Unfortunately, Clear Capital Markets is not a popular asset manager, and the red flags they exhibit is quite disturbing.

For example, the company is operating this service out of the regulatory scope of the FCA. Some of their activities require regulatory action but this company is apparently not disclosing everything to the FCA.

One would ask why exactly this company is not being transparent with the regulators. They are probably engaging in illegal activities that would see the regulator cancel their license.

I have also not seen any reviews of this company or client feedback that shades light on the quality of services offered by Clear Capital Markets ltd.

Generally, we want to deal with companies that are well-known and established. It doesn’t seem like is a popular investment destination.

Furthermore, this company is using the services of Trustpilot. The reviews that you see on this platform are dubious because the company often gets paid to manage the reputation of other companies.

While the intention may be good, scammers are using Trustpilot services to gain trust and lure victims on a daily basis.

On the other hand, TrustPilot is accepting money from these scammers regardless. This makes the service not 100% trustworthy.

The Conclusion

They need to disclose all their activities to the FCA if Clear Capital Markets wants to be regarded as a trustworthy investment service.

They also need to explain the motive for telling lies concerning their physical address.

That said, still remains a risky investment destination.