Choicetrade Review: Scam Broker with a License

Choicetrade is the worst stock broker. There are many complaints against this broker that makes them look very bad in the eyes of investors.

Choicetrade is the subject of many complaints on the internet. Most of the complaints involve Choice Trade’s high cost of trading and also refusing to allow clients to close their positions. The complaints also say that this stock broker has the worst customer support ever.

As a result, many traders and investors have lost money in this broker’s platform. If you have lost your money at Choice Trade and you feel that the circumstances under which you lost your money was unfare, we encourage you to GET YOUR LOST MONEY BACK.

Who is ChoiceTrade?

They are a stock broker operating from Delaware, US. Executive officers that are in charge of this company’s operations are BUCKNER, RONALD and GOLVALA, NEVILLE.

They are licensed to operate in 52 US states but this has not prevented them from giving their customers headache.

It is quite unfortunate that a stock broker can be based in the US but are scamming individuals using underhand tactics.

This is as good as not being licensed at all since we expect unregulated brokers to be doing these things to their customers and not brokers who are licensed.

How does ChoiceTrade scam traders?

Their website claims that the stock broker is charging very low fees on their platform. However, this is the opposite of the truth as the broker is not transparent with their fees.

Furthermore, they charge hefty fees for nearly anything. They charge fees for not trading and they also make traders pay other undisclosed fees which can cost anywhere between $35 per month to $200 per month.

Besides they make efficient trading impossible on their platform. So apart from paying the fees, it appears that most individuals who start trading with them lose their deposit due to these tactics.

When you lose your deposit in the stock market due to trades playing against you, you have no recourse. You cannot accuse the broker whatsoever.

This is what the broker wants. They want to make your life hell on earth as you use their platform so that you can lose your deposit and they can benefit.

This is why there are so many complaints against the broker.


You do not want to trade with ChoiceTrade because chances of getting frustrated will be high if you deposit money on their platform.

Even if they are licensed, they are doing a bad job. The broker appears to be greedy such that they cannot keep themselves from charging a minimum fee.

All of these things appear to be hidden in the fine print. We urge you to avoid such a broker at all cost.