Cheddar Flow Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Cheddar Flow Review: The sales language

Welcome to the Cheddar Flow review. The website is selling an order flow scanning tool for identifying ‘unusual options activity’. They want you to approach trading in a mystical way rather than use strategy to conquer the market.

Cheddar Flow claims that their platform will let you know which option contracts have the highest daily trading volume. Additionally, the tool will expose ‘secret orders that are traded in the shadows’ aka dark pools and even generate AI powered signal alerts for you.

The website claims that this scanner was created for retail traders. It is supposedly going to expose all the trading activities that take place in the private exchanges. Furthermore, the consumer is told that the tool comes with an advanced filtering mechanism that customizes the order flow according to their strategy.

Should you buy Cheddar Flow scanning tool?

This tool is sounding magical. It is the sort of tool that children imagine when they’re told about fairies.

To access the scanner, consumers need to subscribe in any of the 3 plans. The cost is anywhere between $75monthly to $99 monthly. And in my opinion, the pricing is fair considering that some vendors are selling this snake oil for thousands of dollars in yearly subscription.

But unfortunately there’s nothing unique about the scanner. In fact, these tools (known as volume visualization indicators) have existed since 1992. The tools work by collecting bid/ask data, parsing it and displaying it in a grapical manner.

Trading charlatans use all kinds of tricks to interprete what they see on the screen as a result of letting the scanner run in the background. So if you’re sitting in a trading room session, the moderator will gleefully let you know that a big order is coming to hit the bid.

Depending on how salesy his language is, they may use different phrases to essentially describe an activity on the trading DOM.

Cheddar Flow even offers education materials in the form of videos and articles. Students are given access to a Discord trading community where they can participate and ask questions.

Unfortunately, the operators of Cheddar Flow platform are unable to produce a verifiable trading performance record. This is the ultimate test of integrity which they’ve failed — even as they aggressively continue to peddle the item on the interwebs.

What if you lose money to these scams?

If it can show us the ‘secret data’ and help us truly gain an edge, I’m sure that the owner of website would be the richest retail trader on earth.

Now they are selling the tool to consumers because it is just one of the many useless trading indicators i the market.

The dark pool is a phrase used to make you think that the tool is truly special. A website like Flowtrade uses this sales language to generate more revenue from sales of a trading tool that actually loses money.

So if you’ve lost thousands of dollars to the dark pool nonsense or you were scammed elsewhere, you should make use the live chat button down below or fill in the details of your case on the form that I included in this review.

Taking this action is essentially going to initiate a chargeback process so that you can get your money back.

The Conclusion

Avoid these magical trading indicators and scanners as they’re only fancy but still an avenue for losing thousands of dollars in trading.

Cheddar Flow is not selling a profitable trading scanner. The reason they sound convincing is because they’ve chosen to sell their trading product based on the idea of dark pool trading.

Many guys love trading indicators. But everyone is entitled to air their opinion, and this review is just my opinion. Thanks for reading.