CFX Global Review: Ponzi Scam at (

CFX Global aka Cash Forex Group is providing passive investment opportunity at

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Marketing materials at claim that the platform uses proprietary algorithm trading system to generate 20% monthly ROI in addition to other bonuses.

Furthermore, CFX Global is claiming to provide trading packs and an academy where members can learn how to trade Forex.

From what I have observed, this website is suspicious and does not seem to engage in any real Forex trading.

If you would like to trade Forex, I encourage you explore this list and either get a Forex EA, a signal service or a managed trading account.

This is the only way to succeed in trading. On the other hand, signing up and depositing money into CFX Global is the wrong way of doing Forex trading.

How does CFX Global ( make money?

They claim to make money from Forex trading.

However, members must purchase one of their ‘trading packs’ in order to invest with CFX Global.

Purchasing a trading pack is allegedly providing access to other services like copy trading and CFX trading academy.

cfx global

The CFX Trading Academy allegedly delivers the courses in various modules.

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There is module 1 up to module 4.

The minimum investment of a trading pack is $300.

There are various trading packs that this site is peddling to its customers and “investing” in any of these packs costs a lot of money.

Subscribers into the CFX Trading Academy will pay anywhere between $300 to $30,000.

The site is encouraging “investors” to purchase higher trading packs due to the perceived advantages associated with them.

If you refer someone, you will receive 15% of their trading pack value. When they upgrade, you will also receive an additional 15%.

CFX Global Reward Plan

Plans under this category include Bear Capital, Bull Capital and Rank Levels.

To participate in this program, you need to purchase any of the trading plans where minimum deposit is $300. claims that members will receive their trade earnings in addition to matrix bonuses.

With the CFX Global reward plan, members will supposedly receive 2X their trade pack amount.

Other various bonuses also apply depending on which trading pack you choose and whether you opt to join the matrix.

Who runs

The site contains a generic introduction of who these people are.

They claim that they are a team of professionals in project management, network marketing and financial markets.

Huascar Lopex is introduced as CFX Global CEO while Edwin Abad is in charge of trading operations.

Huascar Lopex is the owner of — another MLM scam pretending to offer Forex education products but hustling investors in the process.

At least we know that Mr. Lopez is actively involved in running a couple of ponzi schemes.

The same case applies to Mr. Abad. Mr. Abad is also running Cash FX Group together with his accomplice Mr. Lopez.

While they are real people, investors should know that MLM is a money game.


CFX Global is definitely an MLM that has nothing to do with Forex trading or generating of ROI from trading.

Neither Lopez nor Abad are able to prove that they are trading for their clients.

I even doubt whether these guys have a live brokerage account since they flatly refuse to prove that they are professional traders.

At the same time, they keep peddling this passive investment nonsense in the name of Forex academy and trading.

Clearly the website of CFX Global is proving to be a ponzi scheme.

In the end, the math will favor the scammers and not those who give Mr. Lopez money to “invest”.

There is no investing. This duo is just recycling funds and paying a small portion to “investors” to keep the ponzi scheme going.

Ultimately, will close down and victims will lose their money.

Thanks for reading.

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