CFI Financial Review: Is Credit Financier Invest SCAM?

A suspicious Lebanese Forex and CFDs broker called Credit Financier Invest (CFI Financial) is enticing traders using promises of attractive spreads, multiple financial instruments, strong licensing and experience. CFI Financial is also claiming on their website that they have won multiple awards in the last 23+ years. But this is definitely not true because their website is actually 5 years old (It was registered in March 2016).

We cannot find out where else they were operating brokerage business before launching Credit Financier Invest. There alleged experience or awards is therefore false. Aside from this, CFI Financial is competing with established brokers and investment houses as they are offering Forex, Stocks, Indices, ETFs, Commodities and Crypto on the MetaQuotes and cTrader platforms. They even pretend to be compatible with some of the best trading systems and signals recommended by traders worldwide.

The company is offering one standard account where minimum deposit is $5000. This is extremely high for a broker that is not operating in the US. Even if they’re regulated by the central bank of Lebanon (Banque du Liban (BDL), we still feel that the trust ratings of this broker is extremely low.

CFI Financial Review: Background details of Credit Financier Invest

CFI Financial Group is the company behind this broker’s operations. It claims to oversee subsidiaries in countries like London, Beirut, Larnaca, Amman and Port Louis. We don’t know these subsidiaries by name but we will soon catch up and publish all of these brands under Credit Financier Invest broker.

We’ve already ruled out that this broker is not 2 decades old. If this was the case, they would be a very popular brokerage worldwide. We see that most of the traffic to their website is coming from Islamic countries, hence it would be right to assume that they’re targeting traders of the Islamic faith.

CFI Financial account types, leverage, spreads and fees

There is only one account type that provides a maximum leverage of 1:400. Traders can choose between commission or spreads account. If you choose commission-based account, you must be aware of the fact that the broker will charge $3 per lot.

Otherwise, CFI financial is charging 0.6 pips for major pairs, which is a good thing considering that now their fees tends to be at par with those of serious Forex and CFDs brokers.

Over 11,000 trading instruments and provided, and this variety makes it ideal for traders who like to experiment with several assets before finding the sweet spot.

Credit Financier Invest supposed advantages

Broker says daily free market analysis and commentary, weekly webinars from their experts, 24/7 support and powerful trading tools. In addition to this, they will provide a free demo for us to test our skills.

What we have seen is that these are standard features that are expected from all serious Forex and CFDs brokers. Repeating them makes no major difference.

Even scam brokers like NeoBrok, Finotech, Millbank FX are making these promises on their website and people are still complaining of this and that.

Is CFI Financial legit or a scam?

In as much as their website appears professional and legitimate, we ask you to exercise caution because $5000 is quite a lot if you are paying upfront to a broker’s account when you have no assurance.

Our negative review is inspired by the fact that this broker is employing underhand tactics to try marketing its services.

They’ve been flagged for writing their own reviews to try feigning their legitimacy rather than letting their clients to write reviews of their own experiences.

This is called deception. Also, users have reported that CFI Financial has very high spreads regardless of whether it is news time or not.

The Conclusion

We do not recommend this broker at this time. There are other better Forex and CFDs brokers that you can use for your trading.

At least we’re confident about the brokers that we’re recommending because we use them on a daily basis and we don’t face any disappointments either.

We believe that there is a substantial risks of losing money if you deposit funds on the Credit Financier Invest website.

In case you have been scammed by this broker or any other, we ask you to live chat with a professional or fill out the form at the beginning of this review. What this will do is that a professional will reach out to you, evaluate your case and advice you what to do next.

Thanks for reading this review. Please drop your comments below.