Review: Avoid This Scam Broker is operating in the area of online retail broking. The company is not so honest but are promising things such as “hundreds of financial instruments on their platform including several account types, trading education and signals“.

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The question is why CFDs Capital is not regulated and what exactly is their intention for hiding their physical address? is definitely not frank when they say that the company offers trading education and signals.

In reality, no CFDs broker has your best interest at heart due to the nature of their dirty business.

There’s always greed and conflict of interest rulling the trading environment and this is orchestrated by the broker himself.

In fact, the trading platform is nothing more than a mere tool for collecting deposits.

Are we saying that is a scam? This is the likely conclusion of this review.

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CFDsCapital review and overview

No executive information has been disclosed on this highly suspicious website.

And with no location or physical address presented, it would be difficult to establish the name of the regulatory authority that oversees brokers in the jurisdiction where is operated out of.

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One thing we must agree with is that no matter the country where is based in, some form of regulatory organization must be present.

The broker’s website is quite attractive (it seems they’re relying on aesthetics to gain the trust of their clients).

The problem is that CFDs Capital did miss out on things that would make them look trustworthy in the eyes of potential clients.

We noted that this broker does not have any terms and conditions. No disclaimers and in fact, they’re offering their suspicious trading services to all nations around the world including the US.

There’s a big problem concerning how runs its phony business.

At some point, this broker promises that their platform offers a “safe” environment for buying and selling Crypto.

This is to say that the broker is also operating like a fully-fledged Crypto exchange.

We managed to login but didn’t find a facility for buying and selling Crypto.

The only thing that this broker offers is a platform for trading Forex and Stock CFDs.

This is how broker will scam you

The broker offers a trading interface equipped with a variety of trading instruments as well as two green and red buttons for buying and selling respectively.

Clearly we can see that this is a trading simulator. The price feed is built-into the system to create the impression that users are trading the real financial instruments.

Fake brokers like CiX Markets, Plus5 Trade, Fullerton markets and many others offer a similar trading simulator.

There’s no special skill required to interact with this trading sim. Brokers only expect you to fund your account and ‘start trading’ for profit.

And guess what….. the broker controls the entire platform as well as the outcome of your trades.

This is why they have a simulator in place. When you buy or sell, your orders are not routed into the regulated financial exchanges. Those orders are settled in-house. The business is between you and the bucket-shop in this case the bucketshop is CFDs Capital.

This is a false business because your ability to make consistent profits entirely depends on the broker’s decisions and not your trading strategy.

No strategy works in this sort of environment.

Keep in mind that the broker must dig into his pockets to pay your winnings.

On the other hand, your losses go into the pocket of the broker.

The broker must do everything to prevent you from making any money.

Majority of traders are going to lose their funds here in a matter of days.

However, experienced traders (those with proven trading strategies) are going to be kicked out of the platform since it’s not in the interest of CFDsCapital to pay out the winnings.

All it takes is a quick email citing that the trader is using “unacceptable strategies” and hence the broker cannot continue his business with the trader.

What a lame and vague excuse?

CFDsCapital has no valid broker’s license

From the word go, CFDsCapital is a risky broker. They don’t want to talk about their regulatory status because they don’t have a license and they’re aware that this is illegal.

Licensed brokers are generally safer. It costs them a lot to acquire and maintain that license.

The license comes with requirements that are aimed at ensuring safety of traders’ funds.

Only serious and professional brokers can successfully apply for a license.

On the other hand, phonies like CFDsCapital would never ever attempt to apply for one.

Chances are that this broker is operated out of an offshore location.

Run from these guys as fast as your legs can carry you.

Wrapping it up

Nothing much to say as the point is home.

No matter how the broker presents their website and services, the fact remains that they lack transparency…. which speaks volumes concerning their service.

Transferring funds into this broker’s accounts will result in a painful experience to the victim.

Do not make a stupid mistake of transferring your hard-earned money to a broker who is based in some unknown offshore location.

But if you’ve already done that, it’s never too late to recover your money. All it takes is to follow this directive.

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