CEX Expert Options Review: Scam at CEXexpertoptions.com

CEX Expert Options is a new website (registered in July 2020) claiming to mine Bitcoin for investors.

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We don’t trust their alleged business operations with regards to mining Bitcoin. So we request readers to instead use companies with a track record of trading Cryptocurrencies and generating profit for their clients.

The website’s address is CEXexpertoptions.com and ownership details have never been disclosed.

The only thing that CEX Expert Options has used is a virtual address which alleges that the operators are based in England.

CEX Expert Options review

The site is currently using vague language to describe their identity.

For example, they use statements such as “We are a team of Crypto enthusiasts, developers and financial experts”.

This anonymous team can still be contacted at support@cexexpertoptions.com although their presentation and credibility raises more questions than answers.

This review will therefore let you know whether the company is offering a credible Bitcoin mining opportunity or intending to scam.

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CEX Expert Options review

The word CEX is popular due to a Crypto exchange called Cex.io.

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This will probably fool some people to think that this operation is associated with the popular Cryptocurrency exchange.

There is no connection between the two. Furthermore, this website is offering “Bitcoin mining packages” as follows:

Starter……………………..$10 to $500

Silver………………………..$500 to $5000

Gold…………………………..$5000 to $10,000

Platinum…………………..$10,000 to unlimited

The website is announcing that the “Bitcoin mining plans” can generate between 10% to 12% return after 2 days.

They also claim to return the original deposit upon plan maturation.

Other advantages that supposed investors will receive include instant withdrawals, stable income, zero mining fees and instant Bitcoin mining upon plan activation.

The truth about CEX Expert Options

CEXexpertoptions.com is making it sound like making money through Bitcoin mining is a viable investment.

The truth is that miners have dominated the field and it is increasingly becoming difficult to solve blocks.

It is no longer sustainable to keep mining Bitcoin while expecting big returns like 5% ROI a day.

Therefore, the kind of returns which this website is advertising are too good to be true.

They’re basically trying to appeal to the financially naive or people who have not mined Bitcoin before.

They are basically telling lies when it comes to how much returns one can make from Bitcoin mining.

Does CEXexpertoptions.com have Bitcoin mining facilities?

The answer to this question is no, they do not have proof that the website has invested in any mining hardware.

This is the first question that you should ask them and see whether you will get a straight forward answer.

By the way during the early days of Bitcoin mining, scammers used to post fake photos of their mining facilities to deceive investors.

While this practice is not common nowadays, scammers can still use it if they’re determined to get your money.

Where does revenue come from?

Now that they are advertising ROI from Bitcoin mining when they do not have any hardware, we presume that income must be generated from new member deposits.

At this point, CEXexpertoptions.com turns into a ponzi scheme.

You know that 99% of all those ponzi schemes don’t pay new members but are more than ready to collect your deposit.

These scams will tell you that you need to pay additional fees in order to get your money out of the platform.

It appears that CEX Expert Options is not paying at all since they do not have an external source of revenue.

No reviews to support their service

CEX Expert Options has not attracted any ratings or reviews from members of the public.

This is certainly something that we should be worried of. If they claim to generate fair daily returns, they should already have happy and loyal customers who can spread the word.

But this isn’t the case because it seems nobody falls for their trick.


CEX Expert Options is basically a scam. Do not believe them. Such HYIPs will make you lose whatever amount of money you will deposit with them.

If you want to make money from Crypto trading, the best way to do it is to trade Cryptocurrencies or invest in Crypto managed accounts.

3 Responses to “CEX Expert Options Review: Scam at CEXexpertoptions.com”

  1. jie says:

    hi, i do.my investment in Csx Expert options.com and they are paying me as their plans said so

  2. Jose says:

    Cexeepertoptions.com didn’t pay my money, when i deposited high amount, they scammed me all my money.

  3. Jose says:

    Cexexpertoption.com não pagou o meu dinheiro, quando fiz depósito de uma quantia mais maior, eles esperam você aumentar o seu capital de investimento, depois ti golpeiam, é scam não deve investir.

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