Celestial Trading Tools Review: Scam!

Celestial Trading Tools is a website that provides tools for automated trading and MAM accounts through an Australian broker called EightCap.

The service is operated from the domain celestialtt.com, which was created in December 2018.

So we expect to see trading results dating back to early 2019.

Aside from this, Celestial Trading Tools wants traders to know that they’re transparent, trustworthy and knowledgeable in the financial markets.

The service also has an expert advisor which is being sold for an undisclosed price tag.

The company wants traders to engage their support in order to determine pricing, which we are finding rather weird.

We prefer trading software providers with upfront and straight forward pricing.

Such automated trading solutions can be found on this page.

Is Celestial Trading Tools legit?

Their service is promoted as “world class service”. They want to help us step into the future of trading.

They’re promising that everything is automated so that even a newbie can easily make money with the service.

Celestial Trading Tools review

They claim that Celestial Trading Tools has accumulated 600% in total growth and 12,536 in pips archived.

The expert advisor which they claim to sell does not have a name just yet.

But the service continues to be upbeat about “proven track record”, “Verified and authenticated results” and so on.

Looking at their myfxbook account, we find that track record is not verified.

This explains why overall gain are +579.36% while absolute gains are +83.34%.

Most of the stats are also hidden from public scrutiny, which makes this service look dishonest.

The only thing we can see is monthly return and drawdown.

We’re not pleased with high drawdown which currently stands at 31.51%.

It simply means Celestial Trading Tools is using high risk trading strategy which is detrimental to any trading account.

And of course they didn’t disclose details of their MAM account and trading strategy as well.

These observations kill confidence in the service.


We would never invest our money on a service like Celestial Trading Tools because it actually lacks transparency.

The service has a beautiful website but that’s all they have. We will be looking to update this review when new information is available.