CDG Global Review: Scam ( can’t be Trusted

In this review, we highlight how a broker like CDG Global ( is going to deceive you with cashback of $10,000 and leverage of up to 1:1000 so that you can lose all your money and they can close your account without notice.

CDG Global is not a Forex and CFDs broker that you can trust with these winning trading systems and signals because the moment you start making profit after profit, they will come up with all the excuses as to why you can’t withdraw your money.

Keep in mind that CDG Global neither has a physical address nor a valid Forex broker’s license, hence the reason you must be sure that these folks will scam you.

Furthermore, the broker does not have a terms and conditions page. This lack of professionalism say a lot about the people who run the website.

The only thing they provide is an MT4 and MT4 trading platform where traders can access tradeable instruments like Forex, Indices, Crypto, Energies, Metals and Shares. We have no idea how many CFDs are on this platform. And a social trading feature is also available. The broker would like to scam both novice and professional traders alike.

CDG Global Review ( Ran away from the scam and this is why

Their about us page does not display any revealing information concerning the owners or the location of the company in question.

This is the worst scam that we have ever seen, forget about Stallion Capital, City Index and Solid ECN. At the very least, the the scam sites I’ve mentioned above have some sort of professionalism, which makes it difficult to assume that they can mishandle your finances. But this is not the case with CDG Global because the website in question makes it clear that they are ready to steal your money.

Due to scarcity of information pertaining to ownership of the website, we can’t possibly identity the culprits behind it.

The only thing that we know is that the website was registered in September 2019, and any experience they try to proclaim concerning their business havinge existed for many years is definitely a lie.

CDG Global account type, minimum deposit, leverage and fees

These are the most important things that traders should consider before opening an account with any Forex CFDs broker.

This broker has 5 different account types and minimum deposit is $50 but they are willing to accept any additional monies that you send them since they are a scam site.

That is why some of their account types a minimum deposit of at least $50,000.

Leverage is so high as CDG Global will let traders access 1:1000, which means you will lose money to the broker regardless due to something called over leverage.

The broker does not give details of their spreads but are telling us that some of their account types will attract a commission of $10 per lot.

Now, the debate here is whether CDG Global is offering real ECN trading accounts. Our answer is that a broker who is not properly regulated cannot offer true ECN trading accounts.

These brokers are generally making their profits by trading against their clients (they are market makers). If you keep winning, they lose money and they kick you out. If you lose money and they are sure that they’ve exhausted your bank account, that is when they kick you out anyways.

What to do if you’ve been scammed by CDG Global (

By now, these guys have scammed a few people on the internet. If you are one of them, you can file a chargeback claim and you will get back your money.

The filing process starts with a free consultation and if your case is fit, you will get your money within 20 days.

The Conclusion

We have no iota of doubt that CDG Global is a scam broker. Lack of transparency is the number one red flag. Furthermore, the broker does not have a reputation. Not many traders are aware that they exist. But there are of course a few victims who have lost money in their hands. We therefore don’t recommend them.