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Investment Scams Review: Versecopytrade is a Scam solicits funds from investors. The website masquerades as a legitimate and licensed financial planner. implies that it is offering a wide range of profitable financial products to its clients. The website is posing as your “personal financial manager”. They also imply that funds collected from clients will be invested in Forex, Crypto, Agriculture, […]

Investment Scams

Review: Alpha Capital & Equity Partners LLC

A company known as Alpha Capital & Equity Partners LLC has been flagged in the UK for being a potential scam. The company in question is operating from the website which is just 27 days old. This is supposedly a family-owned business with $3 billion in assets under management. Clearly this is a nonsensical […]

Investment Scams

Capital Gold Investment Review: Is Legit?

Capital Gold Investment is a fake Gold investment company claiming to operate out of New Zealand. The firm operates the website which is promising returns of up to 200% after 30 days or 10% daily. We’ve never seen this kind of ROIs in gold mining and this is certainly interesting, considering that this company […]

Investment Scams

CoinField Review: 5 Reasons is a Scam

CoinField is a fake Cryptocurrency exchange allegedly operating from the European Economic Area and offering financial and investment services like trading, staking, buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies. The operations of website resemble those of a ponzi scheme, and if you have lost any funds through this bogus Crypto exchange, you should file a complaint […]

Investment Scams Review: 5 reasons its a Scam operates as a “private investment company” in the UK. The website claims that they are a team of “blockchain experts”. Keep in mind that this “team of expert blockchain professionals” are anonymous and the site does not have any credible track record or reputation. If you have lost money by transferring it to, […]