Carnivore Trading Review: Scam or Legit?(

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Carnivore Trading is a bogus trading recommendation service for the stocks market. The company runs its business out of website and uses colorful marketing language to charm unsuspecting consumers. Carnivore Trading peddles the stock alert service on the mainstream media and on their official website. For $175 monthly or $1,785 annually, subscribers can copy-paste profitable trade recommendations from the company’s own portfolio. Subscribers are also told that they will “invest like a carnivore”. The mode of delivering trade alerts is just through text message.

Now, the investment hustlers have also refused to disclose their identities but would like to be trusted because they are sending you “real trades from real traders in real time”. Do you think you can make any money out of this service? In my opinion, you’re better off with a cheaper stock trading service that gives you in-depth education and signals without all the glamor and pomp.

Carnivore Trading Review

Thanks for reading the Carnivore Trading review. To be honest, I’ve seen many stock alerts services on the internet. A good stocks alerts service does not hide behind text messages. They do their thing live on the screen as you watch over their shoulder.

A good stocks alert service does not send market updates every evening without providing some form of proof that the moderators are involved in trading a live account.

Carnivore Trading fails terribly in this area. They can’t show us a trading DOM, and there is no proof that they’re entering or exiting trades at prices that match those of their subscribers.

A trading DOM will show us whether a trade was triggered or is just parked and running for example.

All of this appears to be consistent with their agenda of trying to maintain anonymity. In their marketing materials, they even confess that they’re a group of rogue traders who escaped from Wallstreet to show average people how to trade the stock market.

How can people still trust these guys, despite the fact that they sound like a group of young teenagers having fun with your money by pushing you to gamble your retirement money in the stock market?

Right now there’s a mountain of complaints out there from consumers who say it is impossible to mirror the trades of this company.

Why Carnivore Trading is operated by scammers

Despite the colorful language pervading their market updates and their entire website, Carnivore Trading has no tried and tested trading indicators or strategies that can give them an edge.

The lies are still admirable yet entertaining at the same time. I think consumers with the least intelligence would find it difficult smelling the fraud.

And their trading performance cannot be viewed and analyzed. Do you know the reason why? Because they don’t trade quite often. They make money from your subscription.

Imagine these investment hustlers having like 1,000 subscribers and each is paying $175 monthly or $1,785 yearly. Even in the worst case scenario, the snake oil will bring in $175,000 every month. I’m sure this would surpass any “profits” that they can ever make from trading.

Who’s behind CarnivoreTrading?

They use pseudos to hide their real names and intentions. One of the traders is called “Trader Z”. Mr. Trader Z is in charge of analyzing the stock market and telling you which stock to buy and which one to sell.

Trader Dutch is in charge of the entertainment. The so-called Daily Wrap is where the carnival barkers would pitch tent every evening in a live trading room setup.

The financial puffery is sickening but addrenaline-pleasing to consumers who are on the 14-day trial.

If it is not for the entertaining person that is the face behind the fraud, nobody would believe these guys.

The so-called Trader Dutch talks in a very exciting manner. You can have fun reading and listening but at the end of the day, it’s just nonsense.

I managed to get hold of a real person called Matt Sheldon. Matt Sheldon is the contact-person when consumers want to verify something that they read online about this company.

I don’t know much about him but all I’m sure of is that he is smart and intelligent. He is an A-class salesman with a silver-tongue that can leak the wax out of your ears.

The Conclusion

These investment hustlers will make you lose a shirt and a whole farm because their signals have never been consistently profitable as claimed on the sales page.

The 14 day trial works in this fraud simply because of the person that uses colorful language to market the scam.

In the end, there will be many people losing money than those who are making money. I doubt if there are any people who make money here.

Thanks for reading the Carnivore Trading review. This is yet another bad day for a scammer.

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