Capital Trading Investments Review: A Scam?

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Capital Trading Investments is a trading and investment firm owned and operated by JJW Consultancy.

The company is allegedly offering stable and secure ways to build wealth and diversify portfolio.

They’re operating out of London and also in Singapore.

Their two physical addresses are listed as
114 Whitechapel High St Shadwell, London E1 7PT, UK London and JJW Consultancy
10 Anson Road  #16-12 International Plaza, Singapore 079903 respectively.

Clients who want to get in touch with their Singapore office can call +65 316 31288 while those in the UK can call +44 203 318 1462.

JW Consultancy, through its official website Capital Trading Investments, claims that investors can expect an average return of 30% per recommendation.

In addition to this, the firm wants investors to know that they’re offering assured high returns with minimal risk.

Every kind of trading and investing has risks. There’s nothing like assured returns with minimal risk.

So we want to actually find out whether JJW Consultancy can demonstrate how they trade and invest funds for their clients to provide the alleged assured returns.

Capital Trading Investments review

In this Capital Trading Investments review, we’ll look at whether this trading and investment firm is providing profitable investment opportunity or simply peddling a useless opportunity.

For one to trust them with at least €5,000 (which is the minimum they’re asking), they’ll need to be more transparent with their operation.

Capital Trading Investments review JJW Consultancy

We must admit that the website is quite professional as it has the aesthetic feel of a platform run by professional portfolio managers.

Nonetheless, you should never forget that shady investment operations like Trading Academy, Talanto Capital Markets, AI Trading 24, Masdar Investment, etc must use looks to deceive.

JJW Consultancy also wants investors to know that their company trades various stocks from NASDAQ and NYSE. Some of the stocks they trade include Apple Stocks(AAPL), Netflix(NFLX) Walt Disney (DIS) etc.

In addition to this, the company is offering balanced mutual funds, saving bonds, low volatility ETFs among other trading instruments.

Capital Trading Investments’ main selling point is about prioritizing stable and risk-free investments to provide fixed returns.

The company is offering freedom and discretionary accounts which allows the fund manager to buy and sell securities on behalf of the investor even without the client’s consent.

We’re not sure how this works because when a client invests with a trading firm like this one, the first thing the client should do is to sign a contract which is basically a declaration or consent that they allow the company to buy or sell securities on their behalf.

They are also telling investors that the disclosure for the freedom trading accounts will take into account the client’s financial needs and goals.

In addition to this, Capital Trading Investments is also offering retirement plans.

Capital Trading Investments review: company background

They claim that their company is working based on transparency and “client-first” policy.

There are not telling investors where and how the company started.

There’s more emphasis on experience and how the portfolio manager offers tactical asset allocation using investing solutions such as equities, fixed income and alternative investments.

The “about us'” section of the website is a bit convoluted and generic to say the least.

We’re also not told who runs the company or which people are in charge of the operations of this website.

Their experience and trading background is also not clear.

It is always good to include this information on the sales page because this operation is actually interacting with clients based on trust and transparency.

If these two elements are not well represented, then they risk losing or not even getting the trust they are seeking.

JJW Consultancy review: the promise

There are a bunch of promises given to clients who want to invest with this firm.

They’re promising personalized investment tailored to the client’s needs. In addition to this, they want to assure their clients that the company will offer 24/7 support, expert fund managers, average return of 30% in the investment period and assured returns.

They’re not telling investors whether lock-in periods apply to any of their investment services.

This disclosure is necessary because some clients might decide to change their minds and withdraw funds before maturity.

What happens if clients want to exit?

Other questions that we should ask include whether clients can see real time progress in their investment accounts.

What is the trading strategy and how is the company managing risk?

Above all, we want to know the trading experience of the investment managers. No names have been mentioned and so we want to start from there as we investigate how long the company has traded.

For your information, the domain is registered privately and so this begs the question of whether serious clients should trust an investment manager like Capital Trading Investments.

Any investment manager not willing to disclose their identity upfront is definitely not transparent.

So before you send in your check, you should know where it’s going.

Trading performance

They’re providing a track record in form of stocks that have allegedly been traded by the company in the past.

We’ve looked at these results and established that the company is holding positions for up to 364 days but there are shorter holding periods as well.

JJW Consultancy review track record trading history

These trades appear to have been cherry-picked as no losses have been published, just profitable trades only.

Furthermore, the authenticity of these trading results cannot be established as these results have not been independently audited.

We need transparency and credibility before we can trust an investment manager like Capital Trading Investments.


Whereas Capital Trading Investments comes across as a professional fund manager, various aspects of their operation are not crystal clear.

Therefore, as we conclude this Capital Trading Investments review, we should remember the following:

  • Trading results have not been audited independently
  • Information about the trading background of their fund managers is not clear
  • Information about trading strategy or risk management has not been provided either

So far, the above 3 issues are the greatest concerns.

If you are an investor, we want to hear your opinion. Also, since this is the first official Capital Trading Investments review to have been published, we want you guys to start a conversation around this.

9 thoughts on “Capital Trading Investments Review: A Scam?”

    • Hi, I am dealing with them right now, but there seems to be no follow up or issuance of share certificates…..when they answer the phone, they never mention the company name??

  1. I have foolishly invested $12 000 at JJW consultancy, today I tried to access my investment but was denied.
    I am now trying to contact a business that works with retrieving investments from scammers like this, I will have to see what they say…perhaps I will have to see this money as lost, which hurts since it is my life savings being tossed away.

    I am a fool is about the only thing I have gained from this very expensive experience.

    I did record my last conversation with them and I am thinking of posting it on youtube to make others aware of this company and others like it.

  2. Following up from my previous message, JJW Consultancy is without doubt a bunch of scammers that need to be exposed. I have reported them to the Police and my bank is attempting the recall the money that I invested.

    Once you send them the money, they never get back to you, so beware of these crooks.

  3. Whilst I reserve judgement as to referring to JJW as scammers or actual crooks their methods are at best dubious, particularly for inexperienced private investors.

    I will explain my story as a warning to others if contacted by this company – it is a little lengthy and of course as you read it clearly one thinks how naive can you be but believe me it is easy to get into a cycle where you are chasing potentially lost money.

    They initially contacted me by telephone (first red flag) and spent a lot of time discussing investment practices and I cautiously made a modest investment in Disney shares. Post covid outbreak and with a rapid decline in Disney stock price they, without my permission (second red flag) sold my stock and reinvested it in an unlisted mining company with promise they could sell that stock at a considerable profit (third red flag). The aforementioned mining company were offering a rights issue 2 for 1 at a favourable price and JJW encouraged me to increase my holding on the promise that I would be part of a syndicate that would amass sufficient shares to sell without the additional cost normally associated with selling unlisted shares. They contacted me again to say one of the syndicate members had dropped out and the other syndicate members had agreed to increase their holding to secure the sale. At this point the red flags were making me very concerned but saddled with unlisted stock I had very few options and proceeded. Subsequently and with no explanation that finally confirmed the sale had not gone ahead but they could sell my individual holding, providing I put down a security deposit. This was the point I decided to cut my losses and have no further dealings with them. Interestingly some weeks later I was contacted by a representative from a company called Prowell Financial who said they were taking over JJW accounts due to customer satisfaction issues and could help to liquidate my holding. I refused this offer.
    Further red flags to consider if contacted by either of these companies is the format of their websites – virtually identical in style – they list their teams with years of experience but no mention on actual qualifications – additionally not a single member of either of these teams is traceable on any social media or people tracking database, strongly suggesting the individuals are not using their real names.
    I have almost certainly lost all or most of my investment although I should point out the share ownership does appear genuine as I have contacted the actual company who confirmed my holding but other than going public or them offering a buy back option it is unlikely I will recover any money.
    My case is in the hands of the Singapore authorities where there are rules applying to financial misconduct even if not considered an out and out fraud cases but I would strongly advise any investor to avoid these companies.

  4. I will advice you to contact Mr. Adam Wilson at at, for better understanding because his strategies really helped me withdraw my money that was stuck in my broker account and I even made more huge profits. He is genuine and honest. you can contact him if you discover that your broker is scamming you or having withdrawal problem.

    • You’re making a fool of yourself because you’re obviously promoting a scam and screaming that you are a marketer who will pocket commissions when you refer a victim


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