Capital Trading Group Review: Is CTG Legit or Scam?

Welcome to the Capital Trading Group review. This futures trading firm operates differently from the usual Forex investment scams like Forex92 and West Capital Trading.

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Capital Trading Group aka CTG is a Managed Futures and trading platform provider.

The official website of CTG first appeared online in 2006, registered under Lafferty, Patrick.

Lafferty, Patrick is a member of the NFA ref number 0210084. He is also running another firm called ALGOCENTRIC CAPITAL LLC.

Though no NFA actions have been taken against any of his investment firms, NFA reports 3 reparations cases against this commodity trading advisor (CTA).

You can view the cases here. 

They tell investors that managed futures are the real deal because they provide diversification of investments with lower portfolio volatility.

Capital Trading Group review

The company is operating out of Chicago. Their physical address is registered as 550 Warrenville Rd. Suite 240 Lisle, IL 60532.

CTG is advertising their service using the tagline “Premiere Futures brokerage service”.

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They claim that the aim of this managed futures service is to customize trading and investment solutions while building genuine customer relationships.

They claim that safety and trust are at the top of their priority.

In addition to this, Capital Trading Group also wants investors to know that they’ve partnered with investment brokers who have 30 years of experience in the industry.

They tell investors that the company mitigates risks in the financial markets through diversification.

In this Capital Trading Group review, we’ll be highlighting some very important aspects of this company and also help you make an informed decision which will lead to picking or not picking this Commodity Trading Advisor.

Capital Trading Group review

The company boasts of offering investors a full service futures trading experience.

They claim that investors can trade with professional-level of service and support. In addition to this, CTG also wants traders to believe they can access futures trading platforms with many technology options.

They’re also providing clearing firms to help traders achieve their trading strategy goals.

In terms of managed futures offered by this CTA, the company claims that traders and investors can enjoy a wide range of instruments such as agriculture stocks, metals, energy, Forex currencies and indices.

These investment instruments are supposedly managed by registered CTAs.

The firm claims that they’re providing multiple benefits to traders and investors alike.

Supposed benefits include the following:

  • Diversification beyond traditional asset classes
  • Increased returns and reduction in portfolio volatility
  • Strong performance even during stock market decline
  • CTAs and CPOs have access to global futures products with liquidity
  • Risk management and clearing
  • Strong regulations
  • Professional support
  • Exclusive CTG commentary

Other products offered by Capital Trading Group

The firm offers multiple futures trading platforms on their website.

CTG Pro offers access to the global futures marketplace with advanced features that handle entries such as OCO, MOC and MOO.

Trade Navigator offers charting price ladder with advanced features. The rest of the features of Trade Navigator are similar to those of CTG Pro and others listed on the website.

A comparison is made between CTG Pro, Trade Navigator with other futures trading platforms like WebOe, Vantage, Cunningham Trading Systems, CQG and Trading Technologies (TT).

Capital Trading Group is obviously promoting their futures trading platforms by making traders see how superior their products are compared to products made by competing firms like

CTG Fees

The monthly cost of a futures trading platform like CTG Pro is $0, similar to Vantage and WebOe. On the other hand, Trade navigator costs $59 per month.

Features of the CQGTrader cost $25 per user (per month), $0.30 per contract per side or a flat fee of $295 per month.

Costs for the CQG integrated clients can be anywhere between $595 per month to $1,995 per month.

Does Capital Trading Group provide the most expensive futures trading platforms?

You need to do your homework by comparing products from at least 4 providers.

CTA database

The firm is providing a long list of CTAs.

Investors can view the CTAs’ track record and decide whether or not to invest. Their track records are however not easy to verify as the trading history is not independently verified.

We’re provided with trading performance which can easily be forged if no third parties are involved in auditing those results.

It can be an uphill task picking the right CTA in this database.

If you trust Capital Trading Group, their might be conflict of interest.


Capital Trading Group is operated by registered NFA members and this might give them some credibility.

However, you as the investor needs to ask them what were the reparations cases about and how they were solved.

Also, you might want to independently verify the track records of their listed CTAs in the database.

All we’re saying is that investors should still approach with caution because when it comes to the financial markets, your capital will always be at risk.

You need to invest with people who have real experience in the futures market.

Thanks for reading this Capital Trading Group review.

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