Capital Properties Fx Review

Capital Properties FX is a service that provides Forex and Crypto signals in addition to private mentoring.

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Capital Properties FX is currently offering 3 subscription packs under each category of products they offer.

Under Forex services, subscription starts at $49/monthly, $140 quarterly or $500 annually.

Pairs covered include EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD as well as some crosses like EURGBP.

The service provides swing trades, and alerts can be anywhere between 30 to 50 trades a month.

This is unusual for a service that holds trades for up to 2 weeks considering that they can even open 5 positions at once.

I just don’t understand how this works considering that when you open so many positions at once, drawdown will be very high.

Trade analyses and ideas are posted during London morning session. Capital Properties FX also claims that they put “great focus on risk management”.

With regards to their Crypto trading service, the team is covering technical analysis during morning London session on pairs like BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD (including some altcoins).

They conduct Cross-market analysis and interpretation while of course observing money management.

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Capital Properties FX’s Crypto service costs the same as their Forex service.

Capital Properties FX review

Students who are interested in learning how to trade can start for as little as $10 monthly.

The service covers Fundamental and technical analysis in addition to the following:

1.In-depth explanation of trading theories like Elliot waves

2.Basic and advanced concept of trading

3.Trends, brokers, risk management and so on.

Capital Properties FX is operated by “Mircea” who is allegedly trading from Spain, Europe.

Marketing materials claim that Mircea has traded for 5 years and provided coaching services.

His signal services have allegedly generated 950% gains in 62 months.

This is quite exciting considering that this website first appeared on the internet in 2013.

The only thing that stands between me and the service is track record.

I am not able to get his track record or verify those numbers.

The only choice we have is to email them directly to ask for redacted brokerage statements or links to myfxbook.

The easiest thing Mircea would have done is to provide the public with his myfxbook track record.

Is Capital Properties FX legit?

The service appears legit from the mere fact that they offer signals to those who subscribe for their trading and private mentoring.

However, in terms of trading performance, the service is lacking and quite disappointing.

The question is whether those signals are profitable.

They claim that the company has existed for 10 years yet we see that this is the 7th year that the domain is in use.

Also, if they’ve existed this long, they should have established a track record already.

I don’t see how a service that has served traders for “10 years” cannot have these details on their website.

Should you subscribe for Capital Properties FX signals?

I would be hesitant to pay for these signals or private tutoring because nothing really separates this service from the competition.

Including this service into our list of recommended Forex trading resources would be a serious blander because a place in that list is only earned with solid track record.


Obviously I was going to conclude that this is a mediocre Forex and Crypto service.

Even though their pricing is fair, their track record is questionable. We just don’t want to rely on Mircea’s promises.

Hopefully when he reads this Capital Properties FX review, he will address the issues here and present his service in a trustworthy manner.

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