Capital Forex Signals Review: Is Legit?

Today we’re taking a look at a Forex signals provider that believes they can provide 89% win rate signals to their clients. Capital Forex Signals believes they’re the market-leading FX signal providers. The service can be found at but the owners have also registered their service at

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Both services appear to be based in Manchester, England Adamson House, Towers Business Park, Didsbury M20 2YY. 

A look at the company’s alexa ranking shows that it is not a popular site yet. Unlike Price Action Ltd (A Forex signal provider who has heavily invested in advertising), Capital Forex signals has not devoted time to try reaching a wider audience despite having existed for a year now.

capital forex signals review

However, this does not mean that Forex traders are not interested in this signal service. In fact, this Capital Forex Signals review will be a godsend to traders who intend to use this service but are not sure where to start or whether to believe the promises being made on the official website of Capital Forex signals.

Capital Forex Signals Review

The company intends to distribute FX signals through whatsapp, and are promising 24/7 customer support to their subscribers.

They claim to provide high quality signals with a very high win rate. Actually, 89% is quite high and unbelievable. If they are this good, their signals shouldn’t start at 35 euros per month. They should be more expensive to subscribe to. So the pricing tells it all.

But before we make this assumption, we need to analyze the specific signals which they claim to provide and whether or not this service has verified and documented returns to show their clients.

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We’re mesmerized by the advertised win rate as it’s quite high and unrealistic for any Forex signal provider to claim. The service also claims to have registered some 3000 clients since they started.

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The domain was created in October 2018 and so we do believe that this should be sufficient time to document their trading history.

Capital Forex Signals claims their traders have 50 years of combined trading experience. They want to provide traders with full visibility of every trade they place from day one.

The signal provider also claims that their signal analysts will always ensure the trade is going in the predicted direction.

We know that trading is one of the most difficult things to do but easy to talk about. Also, we know that it is impossible to accurately predict the direction of trades at all times.

In fact, the claim that Capital Forex signals analysts will ensure every trade goes in the predicted direction is something that sounds promotional rather than based on factual evidence.

It’s also difficult to prove whether Capital Forex signals has helped traders succeed with their prowess in the last 50 years.

The website is anonymously registered and this means we can’t even figure out who these traders are and what kind of trading experience they’ve had in the past.

The claim that this Forex signal provider has over 3k subscribers is also not true. Common sense tells me that with such numbers, it should be one of the most popular signal providers on earth. But this is not the case.

Aside from this, we would like to go through their signal packages to see what features they are providing the trading community with and whether the price is fair or realistic for that matter.

Capital Forex Signals review: the price plans

There are 3 types of signal plans for traders who want to subscribe. Traders can choose month to month contract, a 3 month or 6 month contract respectively.

capital forex signals pricing plan UK

If traders choose month to month contract, they pay €35 (although in another part of the website, they had said €25). Maybe it’s a typo or something they forgot to correct when they increased their price.

They promise 30 second sign up using a credit card or PayPal. There are 12 signals per day delivered through the company’s whatsapp group.

These signals come with clear Take Profit and Stop Loss respectively. The second and third Forex signal packages cost €55 and €75.

There’s no difference in terms of features offered by these packages except for the duration in which a subscription will remain active. The higher the price of the package, the longer it will last.

Trading strategy

There’s no disclosure of what trading strategies they are using to predict the direction of the market. Also, it’s not clear who will be sending these signals to traders once they are subscribed.

We hope this will be revealed once a trader subscribes although we feel that this type of information must always be made available for anyone even before traders can pay up. It helps to be transparent upfront.

Capital Forex Signals Trading performance

They’re providing us with a javascript chart showing their trading performance since July 2016. I am not sure whether to believe these numbers or not because this is not verifiable information or data that can be relied on.

Most reliable Forex signal providers have some transparency and you would expect a link to their myfxbook account or at least a redacted trading statement from their broker.

Neither of these have been provided by the signal provider.

We also want to question the fact that Capital Forex Signals was registered in 2018 and yet their trading results show numbers dating back to 2016.

Clearly there’s a huge contradiction here. We choose not to believe these trading results until we can verify this data.


Our conclusion of this Capital Forex signals is that this service lacks transparency and cannot be trusted yet. The owner remains anonymous just like Forex92 and a few other trading services that we’ve reviewed here.

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Otherwise, thank you for reading this Capital Forex signals review. We look forward to your opinion and if you have been using this service, please drop your comments too as we’d like to hear from you.

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