Capital Assets Trade Review: Is Scam?

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Capital Assets Trade is a website claiming to provide investors with reliable income-earning opportunities.

According to their marketing materials, Capital Assets Trade is providing a wide range of “investment opportunities” on a single platform.

They allegedly utilize fiat, Crypto, shares and even sophisticated hedge fund strategies. Capital Assets Trade also claims that they’re using blockchain to store investment records and enhance transparency.

They refer to the company that runs this site as Capital Assets Trade and even claim that the company is incorporated in Vietnam.

Investors interested in putting their money here can also contact them on or using the phone number +84944559911.

Our review will let you know whether Capital Assets Trade is offering a legit and viable investment opportunity.

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Capital Assets Trade review

Promotion materials on this website claim that Capital Assets Trade has been helping individuals take control of their financial future for the last 30 years.

capital assets trade review

However, when we look at to inquire about the date of their website creation, we realize that the domain was registered in March 2020.

We suspect that the reason they claim to have existed for 30 years is to paint a good picture of the experience which they actually do not have.

If they can lie about the small details, don’t be persuaded to think that they will be honest when your money finally lands in their hands.

Capital Assets Trade review: details of the service

Actually, we do not know the exact investment service that this website offers.

They use a couple of generic marketing statements on their website but the truth is that these statements barely make sense.

Here are a few examples:

Throughout this process, we strive to provide superior returns for our investors and partners.

Our company provides a complete investment services.

We provide more choices through Capital Assets Trade Sustainable Investing in Agriculture, Forex, crypto currencies and Real estates investments.

What we suspect is that CapitalAssetsTrade is offering investment plans where consumers deposit a certain amount of money on the promise that they’ll earn a ROI at the end of an investment period.

The website only provides a way to sign in order to access the “investment dashboard”.

They don’t tell us how much the minimum investment is and what strategies they are going to use to trade our funds.

In addition to this, Capital Assets Trade does not provide information about their risk management process.

We believe that it is the right of investors to have this information so they can make an informed decision when making up their minds.

CapitalAssetsTrade review: Where is performance?

We always want to look at past performance to have a clue on where things are headed in terms of investing.

With this company, they don’t provide any kind of past performance. It is therefore difficult to anticipate what returns will be at the end of the day.

In addition to this, we always want to ensure that we’re investing in a team of professional traders who can provide sustainable income in the long run.

All of this can be answered if there is a track record. Unfortunately, websites like Capital Assets Trade don’t appear to be transparent with their audience.

The truth about this company

The ugly truth about Capital Assets Trade is that it is just another pyramid scheme.

Just like or IndigoCoin, they will lie to you that you will earn a return when you invest.

However, the truth is that you will lose this deposit and even if you don’t lose it, they’ll fool you by letting you withdraw some “profits”.

Afterwards, boiler room calls will start to come in where salesmen are always convincing you to deposit more money to earn more money.

If you actually give in to the high-pressure sales tactics, you’ll lose the entire deposit.


It should be noted that Capital Assets Trade is a scam and not a legit investment program.

If you want to trade in fiat by automating your trades, you can consider buying a good expert advisor.

But don’t ever believe that something good will ever come out of a website like CapitalAssetsTrade.

Thanks for reading our review.

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