Review: Unregulated Broker (Scam)

In this review, we prove that the broker is unregulated and risky to trade with. This broker is dangerous because they’re asking for a minimum deposit of $10,000 when most brokers in the Forex business are taking as little as $250.

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Is broker legit?

They are not a legit trading platform. They are unregulated yet targeting investors from markets that are heavily regulated.

As a matter of fact, Belgium financial regulator (FSMA) has issued a warning against this broker citing issues to do with lack of a valid broker’s license.

Nonetheless, they are still targeting Belgium citizens as well as victims from all over the world.

Based on lack of a valid broker’s license, we can confidently say that the broker is far from being legit and you should avoid them at all cost.

Is your funds safe with Calliber?

Your funds are at risk if you invest them on this platform. The scam broker is requesting a minimum deposit of $10,000 which is very high.

When you send them this amount, two things are likely to happen as a result of the platform not having a valid regulatory license.

Either you will find yourself struggling to withdraw your funds or the broker might decide to give you a total blackout where they don’t respond to your messages anymore.

We have also seen that this broker lacks transparency. Their CEO and team members are anonymous. This is a big red flag. You should never invest your money on a platform that does not want to be upfront with you.

They are likely to disappear with your funds and the loss can be significant because the high minimum deposit.

Calliber Review: The conclusion

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The scammers who run this website are basically clever and calculating. They trick traders and investors using a professionally-designed website.

They might also ask for your phone number and the purpose is to sweet-talk you into making a deposit. From here onward, you will realize that you have been dupped. Avoid.