Bulls Edge Review: Is bullsedge.com Legit or Scam?

Bulls Edge, which is a site operating from bullsedge.com web address is purporting to teach students professional day trading strategies.

They provide a trading course called 5% mastermind and an automated trading strategy called “Charging Bull ATS”.

The vendor believes that traders do not need years of experience to begin trading like professionals.

Sales pitches like these can be misleading, which is why I found it difficult to include their system in our list of recommended trading resources.

They’re even posting “testimonials” from people who are purported to be students of BullsEdge.com, claiming that these students started trading professionally after few weeks of signing up for this program.

I take these testimonials with a pinch of salt because I can’t verify their authenticity nor confirm using their own trading statements.

Additionally, Bulls Edge is promoting their risk capital to “qualified traders” and also inviting investors to sign up for the vendor’s managed trading accounts.

The official website of Bulls Edge also claims that they have decades of experience day trading and that they’re using their own trading system to feed their families.

They believe that the system is so good that it will virtually turn every student into a consistently profitable trader.

However, the vendor does not introduce the people in charge of their trading or software development activities.

Bulls Edge only claims that they have decades of experience but are not telling us the people in charge.

The first step to building confidence is a proper introduction where we learn their names and can also see the work they’ve done over the years.

Unfortunately, BullsEdge.com is not providing this information and instead choosing to focus on their sales pitch.

Bulls Edge Review

From the homepage, I can deduce that the vendor is only interested in persuading traders to purchase the product.

The website says that a mentor will be provided for students and a custom trading plan will be offered as well.

Other resources that the vendor wants to provide when we sign up include:

1.Trading books and articles

2. Links, tips and printables in PDFs

3.Future contract cheat sheets

4. Members only bonuses

The Bulls Edge Charging Bulls ATS (Strategy)

The trading system called Charging Bulls ATS is both automated and semi-automated.

The semi-automated part lets traders to define their entry and exit rules based on account size and trading style.

The Charging Bulls ATS comes with a number of helpful features like:

  1. News trading feature (allows trading during news events as well as shutting off news trading)
  2. Action Targets (entry areas on a chart defined by price target patterns, support and resistance lines or take profit
  3. Edge Trading (a feature that lets us automatically enter the markets based on support and resistance levels).
  4. Auto trader/manual trading modes
  5. Money management
  6. Position manager (for taking the guesswork out of entries and exits and making sure traders stick to their money management rules.

The strategy

Bulls Edge says that the Charging Bulls ATS system uses trends, momentum, volume and high probability targets.

However, the vendor does not elaborate how the trading system is able to arrive at high probability targets.

Of course we know trend, momentum and volume because these are basically indicators.

On another part of the website, Bulls Edge says that indicators lag behind.

I do not know how special their trading system is because I can see that it is just a collection of indicators anyway.

Hopefully, the vendor will provide additional details to shade more light on their strategy.

Pricing and other details

They provide this service based on two pricing models; quarterly and one-time purchase.

For the quarterly-billed subscription, bullsedge.com is charging $299 and giving access to undisclosed on-demand e-learning materials as well as free setup and support.

The second and third product category attracts a price tag of $2,495 and $4,995 respectively.

The most expensive package here gives access to private mentorship and step-by-step business program.

This is quite a costly investment and we will need some sort of proof that it works.

Also, why should someone charge thousands of dollars for a trading course if they are already successful?

Perhaps they should just focus on their professional trading since Bulls Edge claims they are trading this strategy to “feed their families”.

Something is not quite right.

Trading performance

While Bulls Edge is claiming to provide the one trading strategy and mastermind course that will change how you trade Forex and Futures market, they’re not talking about their performance results.

There are no free trials to this product either, yet it is way costly than most of the trading systems and education programs on the internet.

It would be safe to assume that the people who run Bulls Edge are not actually trading.

If they are trading using this system, they should make a point of providing us with their trading performance record so as to see whether it’s as profitable as they claim.

Generally, I don’t recommend or trust systems like these because their results haven’t been backed by verifiable stats.

I wouldn’t spend money on Bulls Edge trading strategy or mastermind course for the same reason.


The vendor is basically selling a magic trading strategy coupled with a mastermind Forex and Futures trading course.

They also let us know that they can fund us with risk capital.

The conditions for “getting funded” are ridiculous as one must first purchase the magic trading strategy and go through the mastermind course.

This means committing thousands of dollars upfront before we can even talk of being funded.

This sort of thing does not go down very well with most of the people, including myself.

Anyway, I am not going to recommend Bulls Edge because it doesn’t give me any reasons to believe they have a working trading formula that can truly turn students into profitable traders.