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Bullish Bears Review: Is bullishbears.com a Scam?

Welcome to the bullishbears.com review. Bullish Bears is a trading school offering all sorts of mentoring services which include a trading community, real-time charting, trade alerts and watch list.

In addition to this, Bullish Bears offers mentoring on how to trade penny stocks, options and futures for consistent profits.

This trading school is operating their chat rooms 24/7 and claims they offer the most information at the least possible cost.

Bullish Bears live trading rooms are moderated by Dan, Lucien, Creed, and Signet.

They believe that students should not pay hundreds of dollars for one-on-one coaching sessions because their trading community is sufficient for effective learning.

A 14 day free trial is available in addition to free stock market courses which the company believes is worth $3,000.

bullish bears review Live Trading Room Swing Trade Futures Penny Stock Chat

Bullish Bears is also offering scalping and swing trading strategies. Students can learn, interact and ask questions freely when they subscribe for membership.

Membership costs $49 per month or $150 per year.

In fact, Bullish Bears is one of the cheapest stock trading schools on the internet. And they seem to have a lot of content for learning.

Since cost is almost negligible, we’ll review BullishBears trading school in terms of the duration of time you’ll put in.

Is Bullish Bears trading school worth your time? Let’s find out.

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Bullish Bears review

What exactly does BullishBears.com teach students?

According to the official website, they teach the following techniques for trading penny stocks, options, e-mini and micro futures:

  • How to trade low and high-float penny stocks
  • Finding intra-day support and resistance areas
  • Scanning and entering potential swing trades
  • How to enter and exit trades
  • Real-time and actionable trade alerts
  • Access to the company’s Facebook community of traders
  • A candlestick patterns e-book

And many more…

Company’s disclaimer page claims that Bullish Bears are neither financial advisors nor stock professionals. Yet they insist that they’re stock traders and teachers.

There’s a thin line between what a stock trader and teacher can do and what a stock advisor and professional does.

The difference isn’t clear yet. Most trading educators post this disclaimer on their website to circumvent CFTC requirements (if they’re offering securities and are based in the US).

You can read our InvestView review in order to get a good understanding of what we’re talking about.

Bullish Bears Live trading room

The company’s live trading room is touted as an exciting place to learn stock trading from.

In this live trading room, scalpers and swing traders are trained by moderators and other community members. Live streaming, real-time analysis, training and mentoring is also offered.

What is not clear is whether these live streams and supposed real-time market analysis are done on a live brokerage account.

If you have been reading our reviews for any length of time, one of the things you must have realized is that no review is every completed without a discussion on trading performance.

This trading school is very cheap to start with. One wonders whether the cost is real with regards to the quality of training that students will receive.

Most of the time when a trading school charges a few dollars for a “comprehensive stock trading course”, they’re offering surface-level information which is not worth paying for at all.

These folks claim that they’re charging a small fee to host their BullishBears.com website and pay their moderators.

However, some of their students have complained that their stock trading course is basically a rehash of materials that can be Googled for free.

If this claim is anything to go by, then we can see why Bullish Bears charges a modest fee in order to access membership into their site.

It would be worth accessing their training using the free 14 day trial just to see how things run. However, if we already know that this information is basic, maybe one would be curious of their live trading room experience.

They claim the environment is fun. But the question is whether the moderators in this chat room are placing trades on a live account.

Bullish Bears track record of success

Do they have a track record of trading success?

Bullish Bears have provided images of their supposed trade alerts and profits earned.

These trading results are listed in the following pattern:

$GLD +53%

$NEM +360%

$NVDA +25%

We’re not sure why past performance is listed in the format above. This information is meaningless and secondly, Bullish Bears moderators have not bothered to verify this information.

So basically the owners of this stock trading school have no real track record of trading success.


Bullish Bears is offering entertainment in the name of a live trading room.

Revelers who make it to this entertainment will report that the experience is pleasing. However, that’s just how far it can go. The bottom line is that these chat room moderators are talking about trading but not providing actionable insights on a live trading account.

They cannot recap their past live trades because no such thing exists in the world of trading educators with no track record.

But they can gladly tell you that if this patterns forms here, market will either move to point A, B or go into a reversal.

Consumers pay thousands of dollars for such generic market talk while believing they’re attaining knowledge.

We’re not saying Bullish Bears is a scam. However, the quality of their education is wanting. The experience of their chat room may be good. But you have to ask yourself whether you came for fun or to learn trading.

If you have spare time, use their 14 day free trial and never give anyone your credit card information.

Thanks for reading the Bullish Bears review. We look forward to your comments.


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