Bull Capital Trading Review: Beware of bullcapitaltrading.com Scam

We’re reviewing bullcapitaltrading.com because they and an illegal financial service with no regulatory qualifications.

If you really want to invest in the financial markets, the best way to go about it is to sign up for these trading services because they go hand in hand with true ECN brokers who will not scam you.

That said, we urge you to simply take this Bull Capital Trading review as a warning and if you lost any money to these Forex and Crypto scams, there’s always the hope of getting your money back (just click the red box above).

Bull Capital Trading Review

Bull Capital Trading claims on its website that they are the ‘world’s leading social trading platform’. They also suggest that their platform currently hosts millions of people who have discovered smart investing.

Bull Capital Trading also claims that they have over 100 years of experience but we’re actually concerned with the character of the people who run this platform. Can they be trusted? If not, then experience is nothing worth talking about because clearly this does not make us trust them.

Who is Bull Capital Trading anyway?

Their website states that they are from the UK. This could simply mean the scammers are operating out of Europe.

No names have been mentioned on the sales page, so we do not know the founder or other team members.

This is a common trend among scam artists in the Forex and Crypto business. We’ve seen it with scams like Globalswisspro which is also pretending to offer brokerage services when the real intention is to scam investors.

Is Bull Capital Trading regulated?

In the UK, the financial regulator is called FCA. The FCA does not have Bull Capital Trading in its database. So in short this broker is not licensed but is clearly offering an illegal financial service.

Trading or investing with a broker of this kind is very dangerous. The reason being, they don’t have an obligation to treat you like a client.

Stealing from you is never a big problem. They break the law everyday and they are responsible for nothing.

Do you see why we discourage trading with such brokers?

Your money cannot be safe in the hands of bullcapitaltrading.com

This is a fact that even the anonymous thieves are aware of. They will always do what they can to lure you into the platform. Once you have opened an account and made a big deposit, they will soon be done with you.

How they do it is by using emails and endless phone calls. They may even post fake profits in your account and then ask you to pay taxes in order to withdraw the ‘profits’.

This is just a ploy to steal your money.


This is a very fake investment platform. We urge you to avoid such an investment platform at all cost because this is actually thievery as opposed to investing.

Bull Capital Trading is illegal, unregulated and has never won any industry awards. We urge you to avoid them.