Budrigan Trade Review: Scam or Legit (budrigantrade.com)

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Budrigan Trade is a website owned and operated by Budrigan Ltd.  

Based on how the website is presenting the services of this asset manager, we feel that they are not as reliable and profitable as these highly recommended trading and investing services.

According to the marketing materials appearing on Budrigantrade.com, this company is engaging in asset management where they allegedly trade Forex and stocks for clients.

The average rate of return is supposedly 100% annually. To “invest”, Budrigan Trade is requesting a minimum deposit of $1000 for their asset management account and $1,000,000 for their trust management service.

Budrigan Trade is going to do a 70/30 profit split and are claiming that the maximum deposit risk they can take is 5%.

Since huge monies are involved in this operation, it only makes sense for these people to exercise maximum transparency with their clients.

For instance, they should let us know who the company CEO is as well as who will be trading our funds.

At the moment, their marketing materials claim that the least experienced member of their team has 8 years of experience.

Have they introduced any member of their team so we can verify this information?

We need to know for sure that our funds are being handled by the most experienced traders who will not blow the account.

This is difficult to verify but apart from this, Budrigan Trade is still not convincing us that they are a reliable investment fund manager.

Having said this, we’ll provide some quick points to ponder about this service because we don’t trust it anyway.

Budrigan Trade review

The official website of this supposed asset manager does not inspire any trust. The company is not telling us which broker they are using as well as who is running the trading accounts on behalf of their clients.

For an investment manager to run an asset management company, they must provide every important detail and not substitute this requirement with a contact form.

In fact, these details should be readily available for all investors to read and decide whether they want to contact the company or not.

This is the first red flag because legitimate asset manager will always have a professional website with all the basic information that we need.

Where is the trading performance of Budrigan Trade?

Budrigan Trade claims that they will generate 100% annual ROI from the deposits of their clients.

While this is fine and dandy, we would still like to see what returns they’ve achieved in the past.

According to who.is, the domain of this website (budrigantrade.com) was registered in December 2015.

In that case, the fund manager should have created an account with a statement sharing service like myfxbook.com.

From here, we can clearly see the statistics of their trading activities and decide whether this is the best investment manager.

So far, budrigantrade.com does not have proof of this performance on their website. They have failed to prove that their trading can yield the alleged 100% annual return.

How can we believe their claim if they don’t have verifiable trading results?

We consider this a huge red flag because all of those websites that have collected money from the public but failed to provide proof of their trading have turned out to be scams.

Budrigan Trade is 100% anonymously owned

It’s not enough to provide company registration information as it is very easy for scammers to create companies.

We need pertinent information like owners of the company, their professional background and experience.

Budrigan Trade does not provide this information either. Nevertheless, they intend to collect a minimum deposit of $1,000 from their clients.

We don’t feel comfortable trusting an anonymous service like this one.


Even when we consider the location of this company, we find that this is one location that is always associated with shady investment brokers.

This company is most likely associated with another scam broker that will help with collecting funds from victims.

While the victim might think that the funds are being deposited in his own account with his own name, the truth is that the brokerage website may belong to the same people who run Budrigan Trade Ltd.

In this case, the scammers will just collect your money and run away with it.

The conclusion is that Budrigan Trade is not a trustworthy investment manager. They need to come out in a transparent way to convince us otherwise.

Therefore, we won’t recommend them as we would like to protect our audience from shady websites like BudriganTrade.com.

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