BTCUSDT Investment Limited Review: Scam Alert (!

This review proves that BTCUSDT Investment Limited whose web address can be found at is a scam.

Edits: is yet another website owned and operated by these carnival barkers.

We don’t advocate for scams here, which is why such a website can never appear in our list of recommended trading and investing resources.

This fraudulent website was launched in September 2020 and its hosting is set to expire in less than a year from now.

This is a well-known trend exhibited by scammers who run websites like, and now

BTCUSDT Investment Limited is peddling a host of financial services ranging from Forex trading to the following:

1. Digital asset management.

2. Wealth management

3. Personal and business banking.

The company proclaims to be a ‘digital bank with an innovative global approach’.

They even ‘provide’ Crypto debit cards for members who want to shop using their Crypto balance.

Their ‘investment and wealth management’ service is supposedly generating ROI from AI arbitrage trading.

They allegedly trade from Crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Huobi and so on.

According to the promotion materials appearing on the official website, the vendor claims that their AI trading performs automated ‘risk-free trading’.

Nevertheless, we know that risk-free trading is not possible in the game of trading.

All in all, this review will warn traders against sending money to scambags masquarading as investment managers.

Why BTCUSDT Investment Limited is a scam

This website is particularly a sleazy scam that manages to trick users into sending huge monies, thanks to a clean, aesthetic look and feel.

They use the best choice of colors and words to persuade visitors to sign up with the intent of stealing from them.

We’ve looked at a number of factors as well as feedback from real victims before concluding that it’s a scam.

1.Not a regulated financial service is intending to provide investors with an MT5 trading facility that allows access to various markets like Forex, Indices, Commodities and Crypto.

However, they are not providing us with details of their licensing.

In fact, looking at the whole website, one will see very clearly that this website is not registered or licensed by any financial regulatory body.

This means they don’t adhere to the standards of the industry and will definitely scam investors.

2.Operating like a bank without a license

This is yet another criminal offense that is committing.

They claim to provide their clients with digital banking services where they offer deposit and savings accounts in addition to debit cards.

However, a recognized banking institution is one that is authorized by a financial regulator to provide these services.

BTCUSDT Investment Limited claims to be regulated but there’s zero evidence.

3.The people who own BTCUSDT Investment Limited are 100% anonymous

The website’s marketing materials claim that they were established in 2018 and that in 2019, they created a bank in Washington, USA.

This is a big fat lie. The company never established a bank neither in the US nor anywhere else.

Also, how come that evidence suggests the website was created in September 2020 when the sales people are claiming otherwise?

All of these findings can be treated as huge red flag.s

In addition to this, owners of this fake bank are nowhere to be seen.

The executives are 100% anonymous. Are you supposed to trust these thugs?

4. A sad review on the internet

These scammers have a peculiar way of operation.

They recruit victims by looking for them on dating sites and other unimaginable places on the internet.

There’s at least once case of a Japanese dude who got scammed by this syndicate of financial criminals.

The woman who did the scamming sweet-talked him into depositing more money with the promise of reduced fees and huge returns.

Eventually, the poor dude gave up because the woman was demanding more money everyday.

This story can be found at ForexPeaceArmy and it paints the true picture of falling for the tricks of these internet robbers.


BTCUSDT Investment Limited is not a bank. It’s not a wealth or investment management firm.

It’s not a registered firm in the USA. If you doubt, you can check FINRA or SEC’s website for details.

This an offshore scam broker and dubious website run by financial criminals.

You should avoid them like the plague.

  • This woman contacted me through whatsapp claims to be a broker in Hong Kong, and convinced to down load MetaTrade 5 from the App Store and registered with BTCUSDT investment and scammed me out of all my savings. The said her name was Chen min if that’s her real name and partner with Hu junjie that is his real name because he’s the one I send my money to.. they are scammers and thieves.