Review: Scam Bitcoin Investing is peddling an opportunity for earning “high and stable returns with zero risk“.

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The website is claiming to trade Bitcoin on behalf of its clients. also claims that they can generate daily returns of up to 120% on a deposit of $10.

The platform is currently not registered anywhere and the people who run it are 100% anonymous.

Yet they claim to generate daily returns with zero risk.

This is quite suspicious and we already feel that this is a Bitcoin HYIP.

Is legit?

No, it cannot be a legitimate investment operation because their activities are not transparent.

Secondly, this website is offering financial services without a license.

The website claims to operate from the UK. This means that they are in a jurisdiction controlled by the FCA.

Unfortunately they do not have FCA’s authorization to provide investment services in Bitcoin.

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This is yet another red flag and of course they insist that investors should only send money to them in Bitcoin because Crypto transactions are hard to follow up.

Conclusion is basically a high yield investment program where all investors lose money except the owner of the scam.

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