BTC Fund Trade Review: Scam at

BTC Fund Trade is a website that claims to provide Cryptocurrency investment opportunities with daily returns starting 2.5%.

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Even the best Bitcoin fund managers like these guys cannot see those returns because it’s impossible to sustain a 2.5% daily return.

BTC Fund Trade is operating from the domain which was created in September 2019.

BTC Fund Trade review

The owner of this website is anonymous but according to their Facebook page, they appear to be located in Los Angeles, US.

Also, their alexa ranking currently shows that BTC Fund Trade is receiving most of its traffic from the US.

This means that the owner is potentially based in America.

All in all, is providing questionable investing opportunities and if you don’t wish to waste your time, you should consider using serious investment products and services that have a track record of helping traders get real returns.

The returns are not plausible and of course they’re falsely declaring that is a Crypto trading platform.

The team of financial analysts, experts, miners and traders which they’re talking about is equally anonymous and non-existent.

So how do we believe that this website will actually return profit from your investment?

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BTC Fund Trade review is not a website to be taken seriously. Their marketing materials is currently regurgitating content from other competing websites.

They even claim that they’re providing a Crypto wallet, an exchange and live analysis.

We logged into the website but didn’t find any evidence of this service providing live Crypto trading analysis.

Also, the wallet they’re talking about is their personal Crypto wallet where funds of their victims will be sent to.

They talk of being a highly profitable business but indeed there is no evidence that BTC Fund Trade is generating the alleged daily returns.

The business also wants investors to believe that they are compliant with regulatory measures.

This sounds like another lie because there is no specific information pertaining to who is regulating them. is a ponzi scheme (MLM)

They have multiple “investment plans” with minimum deposit starting $100.

This is a classic representation of a ponzi scheme. Furthermore, they talk about binary tree bonus of 10% and a gain network bonus of 5%.

Investments are capped at $50,000.

Business distribution is from level 1 and up to 5.

Based on this information, we can conclude that BTC Fund Trade is an MLM or a ponzi scheme that collects Bitcoins while claiming to provide a daily ROI.

Why you should not join this website

Since all the evidence point to the fact that BTC Fund Trade is a ponzi scheme, chances are high that you will lose all your money.

It proves that these guys don’t actually trade in the Cryptocurrency market.

If they are to pay a ROI, it would be from new deposits that come in after a victim is convinced to send their money.

This is not a stable or legal business model because once new deposits stop coming in, the ponzi scheme will collapse and the owner will run away with whatever balance they have.

By the way, a website like BTC FundTrade is operated by a shady, anonymous scammer who will pocket 90% of the deposits.

This is the reason they lie that they’re trading Bitcoin on your behalf.


These sites are on the rise lately and it is easy to spot them.

They often make extraordinary claims of daily returns. For example, their basic plan is allegedly providing 2.5% daily return, which is obviously nonsensical.

If they are trading and generating this kind of profit, they wouldn’t be begging you to send them $100.

It’s that simple. Stay away from these poor scammers.

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