Review: A Forex Course or Scam?

This review looks into the trading education offerings of, which is a company based in the UK and claiming to help students master technical analysis.

Inclusion into the list of recommended trading resources will be an impossible task for me because this vendor did not meet some criteria such as proving that their trading is profitable and their Forex course is worth it.

This vendor (Bsappsfx) claims that taking their Forex education course will help students become consistently profitable.

The trading education school is run by someone who introduces himself as “Ben” together with someone else who is said to be a previous student in the mastermind group.

Bsappsfx is therefore not a team as such, despite the website looking dappa and the owners promising success to every student that purchases their Forex courses.

The courses provided by this trading school are delivered in form of videos, Telegram meetups and in trade commentaries posted by Ben on one of his social channels.

Today I will let you know whether Bsappsfx is a good choice for all the struggling traders out there.

This is because there are so many Forex marketers out there and this vendor may just end up like the rest of the people in this marketplace.

Bsappsfx Review

As usual, we have a case of a failed trader becoming successful after 4 years of trial and error.

In fact, according to “Ben”, the first 3 months of trading was not easy as he lost £20,000. He claims that he went back to trading after a short break because he had passions for reading charts.

I’ve heard so many of these stories on the internet. Literally every other trading school out there has a story along these lines.

I will therefore take this narrative with a pinch of salt until I can see some sort of proof that “Ben” is indeed a professional and successful Forex trader.

While at it, I also expect the vendor not to rely so much on the social media numbers in his Instagram account because I have seen shady vendors buying likes and following. What I need is a quick overview of his trading strategy and proof of performance if any.

Trading strategy of Bsappsfx

That said, the owner of Bsappsfx wants to teach us his “rule-based strategy” which will help us understand how banking institutions work.

He wants to provide lessons on technical analysis involving Fibonacci, moving averages, support & Resistance, dynamic key levels among other things.

In addition to this, Ben is going to teach us live trade management, trading psychology, market sentiments and how they work etc.

It’s quite difficult to gather how exactly the strategy works because it seems there are so many areas being covered in the course without necessarily revealing how the trades are executed and managed to the end.

Breakdown of the Forex course

There are 3 courses being offered for sale on this platform. Details of what you’re buying is as follows:

1.Bsappsfx course….427

2. Psychology course…125

3.Bsappsfx advanced course…..750

It’s also important to know that this vendor is providing payment in installments for students who can’t afford to raise the full amount.

This is a good move considering that students who want to test the course can access a part of it before deciding whether they want to continue.

On the other hand, I’ve seen that this model of payment is such a rare thing among trading educators on the web.

While this appears to be an advantage, the main thing worth finding out is whether Bsappsfx is selling courses that can actually help students make money.

Most of the people who sell these courses and advertise all over the social medias are failures in trading but good at making money through selling of these materials.

Is there any trading performance?

Ben of Bsappsfx is claiming to post his trades on one of his Instagram accounts yet this is not a good practice or even common among successful traders.

I prefer vendors who post their trading results in a statement sharing service like to those who post screenshots which are obviously prone to manipulation.

In as much as I’d like to believe that Bsappsfx is selling a genuine Forex course, my other concern is whether this course has worked for real students.

Are there real students who are successful because they purchased trading education from this vendor?

All I can see are testimonials of supposed students. Again these things are unbelievable as Forex marketers have a long, sad history of hiring people to market their products through lies and exaggeration.

The conclusion

Bsappsfx does not instill confidence in me because the vendor has clearly overlooked posting of verifiable trading results, yet focusing on marketing.

They’re even selling t-shirts, which is an emerging trend among Forex trading educators. Websites like Forex Chasers believe that selling branded t-shirts will give a sense of authenticity and probably help them gain trust.

Unfortunately, this only discredits them if they don’t produce any verifiable trading performance. So if Bsappsfx wants to appear legit, they should probably consider showing us their results on a platform like

If you have feedback, you are of course welcomed to post in the comment section.

  • I just wanted to let everybody know that this guy is just a successful marketer not a successful trader. He doesn’t show is trading results for a reason – because he barely makes money on trading if he is even profitable at all. I bought his course and it was the dumbest thing I have ever purchased. I highly don’t recommend his course.

  • I purchased Bsapps fx course and truthfully it has changed my trading and it has made me consistent. Sure some months I have ‘ok’ months using his strategy, but majority of months I have great returns. He is a top partner of FTMO for a reason I guess, and he does have 400-500 students now funded with either one or multiple 6 figure trading accounts. I know this challenge is super difficult, so the fact his students are passing the challenge and becoming funded says a lot about his education.