Brokeragea Review: Unsafe Broker

In this review, we prove that Brokeragea is an offshore broker that will scam anyone that dares open a trading account on their website.

The official website is hosted at and they claim that they will provide you with a good trading experience. In the real sense, this broker is not telling the truth.

The good news is that you can now RECOVER YOUR LOST FUNDS from any scam broker regardless of whether they took your money in fiat or Cryptocurrency.

Is Brokeragea legit?

The reason why this broker is not legit is because they operate the business from the St.Vincent and the Grenadines, which is a jurisdiction known for weak regulations when it comes to overseeing the operations of Forex and CFDs brokers.

An unregulated broker is definitely not a legit broker. As we write this review, there’s a warning against this broker by the Belgium financial regulator.

They have stated that dealing with Brokerage is going to cause massive losses to the victims. An unregulated broker does not guarantee any insurance of funds. This means that if they go under, you will not be entitled to a compensation.

Furthermore, unregulated Forex and CFDs brokers like to frustrate their customers by simply stealing their deposits or doing what they can to make sure that the trader is losing money instead of making money.

Is your funds safe with Brokeragea?

Your funds cannot be safe in the hands of this broker due to their unregulated status and also due to the fact that they lack transparency.

The broker is unwilling to disclose ownership information. We do not know who their CEO is and also the details about their team members are difficult to find.

Transparency is the biggest factor to consider before signing up. This broker fails terribly when it comes to upholding transparency.

This broker is in fact operating just like Apex500 which is yet another scam that you should avoid.

Brokeragea review: The conclusion

This broker is likely to frustrate your trading experience because clearly this is another bucket shop that is only interested in stealing your deposits.

Their scam tactics are one too many. Ultimately, the goal is to sweet talk you to make a deposit before all hell breaks lose.

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