Review: Is Broker Junction Legit or Scam? is an interesting website posing as a legitimate Forex and Futures broker with real estate investing opportunities in the US. Broker Junction claims that they’re a CTA, meaning Commodity Trading Advisor. In addition to that, they want consumers to believe that they’re a CPO, meaning they are supposedly licensed to provide Forex, Futures and options products to retail traders.

For that reason, Broker Junction is telling consumers that the company can act like an asset manager who trades on behalf of the client. The company’s marketing materials further claim that they offer live webinars, trading education and copy trading. Copy trading is facilitated by their senior brokers. Problem is that Broker Junction is created by liars whose main goals is to scam investors.

Broker-Junction Review

The company would rather combine two different businesses concepts on 1 website. This could suggest that they’re either too lazy or lack enough resources to put up their real estate business on another website. The question is, how much does it cost to setup a separate website. It’s probably $100 or less.

In an interesting twist of events, Broker-Junction is now offering us another page that is dedicated to their brokerage services. They collect personal information during the application process just like Amymaxtrade fraud is doing it.

They ask silly questions like whether you’re married or single, where you’re living, number of dependants, your employer’s address etc. This is creepy. This kind of information can only be giving out to a government agency and not a private business. Who knows where they want to take this information to in this age of privacy and how consumers have the right to control their personal information and how it’s used.

Broker Junction real estate business

There’s a page dedicated to discussing what they do in the real estate. Broker-junction claims that they’re a Delaware based company with rougly 300 sales agents.

A quick search on the internet archives website suggests that the domain has been around since 2010, not 2005.

So we automatically rule out their 2005 narrative. Since the broker is faking out everything, they can’t be trusted on anything. Even selling or buying of houses is something you cannot trust them for as this would involve a huge amount of money changing hands.

Broker Junction licensing status with the NFA

If you browse the about us page for this company, you will find paragraphs of information. One thing that stands out is their supposed NFA licensing number — 1.888.366.6321. Clearly this number is random and not real. See NFA register. They are not licensed.

The conclusion

Broker-junction is a phony broker. They are a high-risk broker that is apparently operating in the US without the knowledge of authorities.

That said, we highly discourage investing with this broker in any way. If you want a good Forex and CFDs broker, you should register with these ones instead.

If you would like to invest in the financial markets but you fear that your lack of experience will fail you, then this page has the right resources for you.