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Briton Markets is a new broker whose website address can be found at

The reason Briton Markets is considered a new broker is because their website was created in May 2019.

I’ve also observed that this website is currently being hosted for a duration of 1 year, which is an indication that long term operations are not in the offing.

Furthermore, Briton Markets is not regulated by any licensing authority.

The broker’s website does state that they operate out of Montenegro.

This automatically places them in the dreaded category of notorious offshore Forex brokers that cannot be trusted with money.

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Briton Markets Review

They claim that they are an MT4 Forex broker that offers 100 tradable assets.

These include the typical instruments that every other decent Forex broker is having on board.

So I do not consider the uniqueness of this broker as far as tradeable assets are concerned.

Briton Markets claims that their minimum spreads starts at 0.1 pips.

They want to “guarantee” fast execution and even offer free expert advisors.

Please note that this offer is too good to be true since no broker or software developer can offer a truly profitable EA for free.

This is why we invest and buy all kinds of trading services here.

I’d also like to point out that Briton Markets is in the business of luring traders using attractive deposit bonuses.

These deposit bonuses often come with hidden terms and conditions. If you apply for one from a doggy Forex broker, those rules will automatically work against you. Beware.

That aside, Briton Markets is even “selling Bitcoins”.

To encourage traders to purchase from them, they use the same old trick of issuing bonuses.

Please note that this can be a risky endeavor as purchasing Bitcoin reliably is something you can only do from established exchanges, not individuals running websites.

Why Briton Markets is a scam

It has always been said that trading with an unregulated broker is the quickest recipe to losing your money.

Under no circumstances should you consider placing a deposit with this broker.

I do not see why they should claim otherwise when their website is likely to expire in 1 year’s time.

That aside, I believe broker licenses are only offered to brokers who can prove that they are here to stay and not a fly by night operation.

I also do not know why they find it convenient to remain anonymous. This is a red flag.

Lastly, I am yet to see reviews from real traders because this broker is already pretending to be an established company.

I have not seen any feedback just yet. So I cant recommend or ask the community to be the first to test the waters because the risk is too high.

The Conclusion

The only thing they seem to offer is an attractive website with MT4 software integrated in the client dashboard.

Based on my observation, I feel that Briton Markets is not a reliable broker worth trusting with money.

Let them get their house in order first or at least prove that they are not what we think before we can even consider opening a demo account.

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