Britannia Global Markets Review: A SCAM (

Britannia Financial Group Limited is a fraudulent company involved with where they offer illegal financial products and services. The scam site is offering investment banking, brokerage services, asset and wealth management and anything in between. They are not fit to include in our list of investment platforms as they might ruin the credibility of this site, which we are determined to protect by all means.

That said, the company was incorporated in the UK in 1985 under the pretence that they are involved in financial intermediary services. Previous names of this fraud include BERKELEY FUTURES LIMITED and RAPID 292 LIMITED respectively. The reason for this change in names is quite obvious, considering that Britannia Financial Group Limited is involved in activities that can ruin their reputation as a result of investors losing their funds.

Britannia Global Markets Review: What you need to know

During our background research, we discovered that the company is actually not recognized or licensed by the FCA.

However, website keeps insisting that they are FCA approved. This is a lie that the company is using to have an easy time convincing investors.

The company also has a number of offices across the world. It appears the investment scammers are global in nature as their asset and wealth management branch is situated in Switzerland.

Britannia’s marketing materials also state that their dealing services in derivatives is offered in their London office.

The company further claims that they are members of London Stock Exchange, London Metal Exchange, FIA Europe and Dubai Gold & Commodity Exchange (DGCX).

Remember that this company is also lying about their licensing. This means they cannot be trusted in any way. Their marketing materials are gibberish in nature, which lowers the website’s professional rating.

In addition to this, their banking and trust services is conducted from an offshore location of Bahamas. Britannia Bank & Trust service is the biggest scam because clients’ funds are stashed in an offshore location, safe from the prying eyes of the authorities.

What to do if you have been scammed by Britannia Financial Group Limited

Since the website is offering illegal financial services as a result of not having a valid license from the FCA, we recommend exercising caution because the website is likely to scam you.

If you are unfortunate in the sense that scammed you huge amounts of money, then your help starts by live chating or feeling out the form at the beginning of this review.

Your case will be heard without any upfront obligation and the chargeback process will begin. We are sorry for your awful experience with this company and would like you to also leave your comment on this article.

The Conclusion

The people working for Britannia Financial are serial scammers and sophisticated in nature. They are not amateurs in this business. They have a strong support network and they are also possibly involved in money laundering crimes. Beware.