Breaking Chart Alerts Review: Scam by Dave Santarelli

Breaking Chart Alerts aka is a trading school that purports to provide live options alerts, chatroom access, coaching sessions and trader support.

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Breaking Chart Alerts is operated by Dave Santarelli who claims to be a successful professional options trader.

The options trading school peddles 3 membership plans ranging from Trader $125/monthly, Pro Trader $250/monthly or Elite Pro Trader $2500 annually.

In addition to this, the website has created a mobile App that can be downloaded on Google Playstore. This app has an amazing 4.6 star rating.

Depending on what membership plan students choose, Dave Santarelli promises to deliver morning and afternoon video training, a live trading room, a trading plan, newsletter, trade recaps, text alerts and monthly “live trading classes”.

Mr. Dave Santarelli is also claiming to run this trading school from the address 5401 South Kirkman Rd Orlando FL 32819.

It appears that Mr Dave Santarelli is running this trading school from a virtual office since the address above leads to a car dealership in Orlando.

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Breaking Chart Alerts Review

There are many “positive reviews” about this service on the internet.

Breaking Chart Alerts seems to provide the best “learning experience and profit ever”.

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Breaking Chart Alerts

In fact, a quick look at reddit forums will reveal that Mr. Dave has probably employed marketers who earn a commission for promoting his service.

They also have a Facebook page with 23 reviewers who claimed the service is top notch.

Nonetheless, if the trading school is this profitable, there should be dozens or hundreds of students taking Dave’s course.

Sad thing about these reviews is that investors are unable to verify the authenticity of fraudulently produced reviews and testimonials that back the credibility of these trading schools.

Doggy vendors will simple hire a couple of freelancers to provide these falsified reviews. In the end, people sign up and pay for the course only to meet with reality.

At the moment, it appears that every student that enrolls for this stock options trading experience is “happy” with the service.

Mr. Dave even claims that he is able to demonstrate his live trading skills at least once a month.

These monthly “live trading classes” are only available to subscribers of Pro Trader and Elite respectively.

Students who pay more are simply going to look over his shoulders as he trades options live on his brokerage account.

Does Dave Santarelli really trade options in a live account?

One of the promotional video clips show Dave claiming that he made thousands of dollars from his live trading.

Breaking Chart Alerts’s website also has a section named “past performance”.

Skeptics can simply peruse this section of the website to see “how profitable” Dave is.

However, these past results are still unverifiable as we don’t know whether Dave was cherry-picking trades or not.

For every 10 trades, there’s only one loser. This kind of trading performance is appealing to the financially desperate, and will result in more sales.

What we can’t tell is whether these results are from a live stock brokerage account.

The only true litmus test would be to ask Dave for his 3 months trading statement.

Apparently, he prefers posting “trading results” on his website than producing a redacted trading statement.

This sounds interesting, right?


At this point, we conclude that Breaking Chart Alerts is yet another doggy options trading school that leverages on fabricated testimonials to attract new consumers.

During my investigations, I bumped into a review of Breaking Chart Alerts service where the victim complained that they got scammed $2500.

Dave never showed up after a simple welcome email to his service.

He has never responded to that review, which makes me wonder since most Google marketers come out guns blazing and even threatening the victim with a lawsuit.

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