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⚠️ Unable to withdraw funds from a broker? Are they asking you to pay more fees or taxes? You've been SCAMMED and this form gives you the opportunity to recover your funds! is a website that purports to invest their clients’ money in Forex, Stocks, Shares and Bonds.

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But they still can’t convince us to include them in our list of the most recommended investing tools and services.

They’re currently peddling 4 investment plans with minimum deposit starting at $300.

The table below has provided a quick breakdown of what this service is allegedly providing to investors.

Account TypeWeekly returnMin deposit

Bouvest claims that they have employed the best traders who will serve their customers, and are calling on everyone to put money into their project.

In fact, Bouvest also claims that they are a fortune 100 company with offers in several countries including the US, UK, Ukraine and Russia.

The site was created in June 2020, but the promotion materials on this website claim that they were established in 2016.

These kind of lies are very common in the financial investment market.

So we have to take a closer look at to establish the truth. review

We’ll start this review by mentioning that we already doubt the credibility of this site.

In as much as their site is attractive and convincing, we take a different opinion when it comes to whether or not they can be trusted.

Let’s go through the concerns, one by one.

Too good to be true returns

If you’ve invested in the financial markets before, you know that generating 8% on a weekly basis is not a sustainable goal.

But this is exactly what Bouvest is claiming to do. In fact, their higher plans even claim that investors will reap as much as 28%.

These returns are definitely too good to be true and are an indication that the website is not actually trading the financial markets.

Owners of Bouvest are stock photos

This is a dead giveaway because if this website belongs to a company that is serious about trading, they shouldn’t hide their faces.

What we see as “team” members is actually a collection of stock photos from the internet.

One of the photos (their Manager) was stolen from a Facebook page called Commercial Lucar.

If you want to invest your hard earned money, don’t use any website or company that has opted to hide the identities of their owners.

No evidence of trading

Bouvest is claiming to trade the currency markets as well as investing in real estate.

Surely, if this is the case, they should produce some form of evidence so we can be convinced that indeed they trade the money markets.

For their trading, we need a broker’s statement so we can see the trades, time stamps or at least drawdown.

As for their real estate investing, we didn’t find any evidence of Bouvest purchasing property and selling for profit.

Therefore, this could be a ponzi scheme like iQuandex, as opposed to a legit investment operation.

Ponzi schemes are basically a scam because when they exit, the owner runs away with 90% of the funds which they had collected.

Bouvest is telling lies

They’re not a fortune 100 company and you can check this on the internet just in case you want proof.

Secondly, the website is very new yet they lie that they were trading Bitcoin in 2017.

We also can’t believe the physical address which they provide because even if we cross-check, we will find that it is only misleading.


Avoid this scam no matter how convincing their website looks like.

Their game is to collect deposits from members of the public, and this is illegal.

They can’t prove that the company is trading. Therefore, the only way that revenue is being generated by the scammers is through collecting new deposits.

If you trust them with your $300, they will call you through their smart con artist “investment managers” because they want you to deposit more.

You will never see your money again. It is as simple as that.

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