Review: 10% a Day Bot Binary Scam!

Welcome to the Bot Binary review where scammers claim you can make $1000 with just a few trades. is claiming that they are giving out a binary trading robot that makes 10% to 20% daily returns. In one month, this will be 300% to 600%. Is Bot Binary a scam?

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Clearly there’s something wrong with this website since this smells like a get-rich quick scheme. The website is lying about the person owning or developing the robot in question, at the same time claiming that they have the best auto-trade bot for making money. If you want to make real money as a trader, explore the following options:

  1. Invest in a reliable Forex and Crypto managed account where your funds are managed by an expert and professional with years of experience.
  2. Let expert Forex traders manage your PAMM account so that you can collect profits while your account is being traded by a professional.
  3. Make use of Forex and Cryptocurrency trading signals where you’ll be able to trade on your own, of course under the guidance of an expert.
  4. Get properly trained on how to trade on your own.

Meanwhile, the sales page exaggerates that Bot Binary is currently being used by 5000 traders. It would have been better to say that Bot Binary has scammed 5000 people so far. review

The BotBinary platform is quite appealing and any novice investor will quickly think that they’ve found a gold mine. They have also copied the logo of, a binary options broker who has existed for quite some time now. It’s clear they’re piggybacking on the reputation of this broker since they have nothing to do with them.

By doing so, the platform hopes to attracts as many traders as possible and the sad thing is that all of these traders looking for how to get rich quickly on the internet will end up losing all their deposits, thanks to Bot Binary scam.

If you want to make money as a trader, don’t think in terms of binary options because most countries and jurisdictions have considered this instrument gambling. You should think of trading Forex, stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

There are 3 ways to get started with these financial instruments. Once you have seen that Bot Binary is a scam, you can go ahead and make money by choosing any of the 4 methods above.

BotBinary review

Bot Binary is allegedly created by Brian Lay who claims to be a professor at St. George’s University. I have confirmed that there is no professor by the name Brian Lay in this university. BotBinary scam review He claims that the trading algorithm being used in the Bot Binary robot is the very same algorithm that is used by billionaires like Warren Buffet.

How can we trust this statement if the supposed CEO is a stock photo and his digital footprints cannot be traced? How can you trust Bot Binary with your finances if the real owner of the website is a faceless individual, same as other members whom they’ve listed on their website?

This is concrete evidence that you’ll be scammed if you fall for the sweet lie.

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Bot Binary fake reviews

The website of BotBinary has included screenshots of fake Facebook reviews and testimonials from users who claim that they are making money with this trading bot.

The reason this feedback is not coming from real users is because the names of those users cannot be found on the Facebook platform and secondly, these testimonials are created by photo-editing software to make it appear as of Bot Binary is a real money maker.

If you believe this nonsense, you will lose money to this scam.

Cost of Bot Binary

In one section of the website, they claim that the robot is free to use but in another, we find that there is a subscription cost associated with using this robot.

There are two types of plans. These are standard active and premium active with extra training course. They cost $299 while the second plan is supposed to cost $399 but the team at Bot Binary is allegedly giving special discount.

I’m still emphasizing that if you fall for the lie, you’ll lose money. There is no transparent pricing policy and so this might mean getting surprise charges on your credit card if you give them this information.


Bot Binary has no real trading strategy. It is the same trading bot that has been recycled and to some extent rehashed into scam Cryptocurrency bots that fleece people of their money. Whether it’s free or paid, I can’t use it since money will ultimately be involved in trading and I do not want to make the stupid mistake of entering the market without a sound strategy.

If you’re like me, it is better to avoid BotBinary at all cost. Stick with the solutions I gave you at the start of this Bot Binary review.

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