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Born2trading provides free and paid signals as well as free trader education. In addition to this, Born2trading intends to provide traders with live funded accounts provided they qualify.

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In addition to this, they claim to have generated 5197 pips in the month of October 2019. The question is whether this data can be verified.

Is Born 2 Trading a legit Forex trading operation or a scam in the first place?

Traders want to know before they join and the answer is simple. If Born 2 Trading is not transparent about their trading history, then it’s definitely a red flag.

Nonetheless, let’s review the operation in detail to find out whether or not this can be a good signal provider.

First of all, they claim that they’re independent professional traders with immense experience.

They want traders to know that they’ve seen pretty much from Forex trading strategies to signals. In addition to this, Born2Trading claims they are not affiliated with any financial firm or Forex broker.

Born2Trading also claims that they’re trading their own money and own signals. If they lose, traders following their signals will lose too.

The purpose for creating website was to centralize knowledge of trading strategies and signals so that both professional and new traders could access them.

They also want traders to believe that the operators of Born 2 Trading have experience with proprietary and retail trading and for that reason, they want to help traders make money because there’s a demand for signals and education.

 Our goal is creating a place, whether you are looking to refine your current trading skills, or you have nothing that’s working yet, this is right choice where you will find free forex signals, free education and free market updates to achieve your trading goals.

Born 2 Trading also claims that they’ve got every tool that a trader would need to be successful. They believe that their free signals, free market updates and free education will help traders achieve their goals.

However, this website does not disclose the people who run it. We are also not aware of the location of the operators or their true level of expertise.

They only claim that they’re two friends who have worked with financial institutions like Standard Chartered Bank, KCG Europe and HSBC.

Of course verifying this information is going to be a task since the owners are anonymous.

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Born2Trading review

Born2 Trading is investing in reviews and customer feedback from sources like Facebook and Trust Pilot. There are many positive reviews whose authenticity cannot be confirmed.

Their Facebook page can be found here and as you can see, many people have commented positively regarding their signal quality and level of service in general.

They’ve also invested in Trust Pilot reviews just like the fake LadyF Trader managed account provider. In the LadyF Trader review, we discussed how it was possible for Forex scammers to deceive traders through fake online reviews.

Born2Trading is however providing both free and paid trade alerts. The difference is that free subscription is unlimited and provides one signal per day while paid subscription provides up to 5 signals per day.

If you must try this service, you should probably go for the free trial and see whether the win rate is good.

Their Forex trading education is allegedly customized for every trader because they realize that every trader has different needs.

This Forex education is provided for free. However, for users to get started with free training, they must create a profile on the official website.

They’ll gain access to several trading strategies and learning materials as well. They claim that a free profile on their site will get a trader to enjoy training from experts who have 10 years of experience trading Forex.

Again, we wonder whether these statements can be verified because 10 years of trading is quite a good experience and the person claiming so must have proof ready in his hands.

They also want learners to know that Born2Trading is intending to provide training that minimizes the cost while maximizing returns.

Born 2 Trading packages

There are 4 different plans under which traders can subscribe to if they don’t want the free plan.

A week’s subscription will cost £14.99. One month’s subscription will cost £29.99. They claim it was £39.99.

3 months of subscription will cost £99. However, if a trader wants to subscribe for 6 months upfront, they must pay £169.99.

born2trading subscription plans

All of the above subscription plans deliver signals for currency pairs, indices and commodities.

They also want traders to know that signals are delivered with clear entry level, stop loss, and target profit.

They claim to use a number of trading strategies which include trading the news, price action, hedging, arbitrage, market sentiments etc.

Overall, they claim to use fundamental and technical analysis. When these methods are combined with money management techniques, they believe that traders can benefit tremendously.

Born2Trading review: where are the trading results?

Now it is time for this signal provider to put to test and demonstrate what they’ve been preaching all along.

The supposed trading results can be found in the reports section of the website. However, the results have been documented in a PDF format.

The numbers there can be hard to verify which is why we always prefer traders and signal providers to use platforms like and

There’s no transparency at all if trading performance is being presented in the manner in which Born2Trading is doing.

What about the reviews on the internet?

We saw a lot of reviews endorsing this service online but we don’t want to believe them blindly because that will be foolish.

Some may be legit but majority may be fake. What we needed is a verifiable and documented trading report like a broker statement or a myfxbook account.

We don’t believe in reviews published at TrustPilot.


At least they’re not making absurd income claims like Price Action Ltd for example. However, lack of transparency is quite disturbing.

We’d love to endorse signals providers who are fully transparent with their identity and trading reports.

If you’ve used this service before, please drop your comments.

Thanks for reading Born2Trading review.


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  1. Born to trade stole my money, they always ask for more if you want to withdraw, and more and more and more money and never paid me what they told me I earned.

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