Born to Trade FX Review: a Scam "Academy"? -

Born to Trade FX Review: a Scam “Academy”?

Born to Trade FX offers Forex trading education services out of Sweden and claims they can help us “live the life of our dreams”.

Even the best managed account services which we highly recommend don’t make these kinds of promises as trading isn’t a get-rich-quick affair but a proven path to earning a decent income.

Membership into the Born to Trade FX website will enable students gain access to services like mentoring, coaching, indicators, group chats and live Q&A sessions twice a week.

The service is operated by Mohamed Jamal and promotion materials on the website claim that Mr. Jamal earns a 7 figure income.

born to trade fx review

This is definitely interesting because he even wants us to subscribe to his copy trading service which will imply getting similar results.

But this is the first time we’re hearing about Born to Trade FX and we would wish to get their background details to see whether the team is capable of truly helping us “live the life of our dreams”.

At the moment we can’t verify their professional backgrounds and experience in the Forex marketplace.

However, the website also sells merchandize which are basically branded items like mugs, headphones and so on.

Traders wanting to contact Born to Trade FX can do so using the integrated contact form, Whatsapp or chat feature.

Born to Trade FX Review

The first impression we had was that of a professional website selling typical Forex education and coaching.

The website is properly done with sections giving a quick overview of what the service is all about and what products they offer.

By the way, Born to Trade FX is providing students with a currency strength predictor indicator which basically studies trends to give traders an “edge”.

There is also a short intro video highlighting the features of the product in details.

In the “services section”, they provide a list of services they offer in grid format in addition to a Forex cheat sheet which will be delivered for free if you sign up with your email.

Born to Trade FX Membership pricing

Their are 4 membership plans with the most basic plan starting at $149.99/monthly.

The second membership plan is paid for on a quarterly basis and will cost traders $349.99.

Finally the annual plan costs $1299.99.

All of the plans offer the same services. The only difference is in the duration of time that one will remain subscribed.

However, of interest is a personal coaching session which costs $250 per hour.

In this coaching session, Born to Trade FX will answer all questions regarding their indicators and even go over your strategy to provide insights and critique.

Customer feedback

There is a testimonials section on the website where the service is posting screenshots of their “trading results”, chart analysis and brand logo.

We feel that some of the items that appear in this section aren’t relevant.

This section is usually utilized to post student feedback and not chart analysis or any of the things they post here.

We hope Mr. Jamal will consider doing the most relevant thing as far as “testimonials are concerned.

On the other hand, we haven’t seen any real customer reviews about this service.

This review might just provide the right opportunity to give your opinions concerning the level of service which Born to Trade FX provides.

But it is also very likely that this team have not found even a single subscriber.

Trading results of Born to Trade FX

While the vendor is expecting us to subscribe without asking questions about their performance, our intentions is to give them a chance only if they can describe the style and performance record of their trading.

So far we don’t have results and we cannot verify any of the numbers presented on this website as “trading results”.

Furthermore, this service is very new as they appeared on the internet in June 2020.

I do not expect them to have any track record but providing a free trial for at least one month would be a honorable thing to do.


The only thing that Mohamed Jamal invested in was a professional template for running the business and not track record.

There is a problem when a trading vendor wants us to pay for a service that we have no track record of.

How do we distinguish Born to Trade FX from many other scams in this Forex marketplace?

We’re skeptic about this vendor and the service they provide. So recommending them would be the last thing on my mind.


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