BNP Robot FX Review: Scam Robots at

BNP Robot FX offers a bunch of free Forex robots so long as traders are willing to sign up with their affiliated brokers.

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Some of the free Forex EAs promoted on the BNP Robot FX website include the following:

  • Worthy FX Trader EA
  • Z Trader FX EA
  • Trend Indicator EA
  • VR Smart Grid EA
  • Hi-Tech Trader EA
  • FX Charger EA Full
  • Forex Kore EA
  • Centurion EA

And many more……

BNP Robot FX appears to have collected their EAs from various developers across the internet.

It would be worthwhile noting that each one of these Forex robots were created by different people.

BNP Robot FX is just using the “free marketplace” approach to promote the robots, which is a bad idea.

It is possible for some vendors to run business like this because they’re purchasing commercial license from Forex robot developers.

BNP Robot FX review

This means that BNProbotFX is not in charge of updates, strategies or anything involving the performance of their promoted EAs.

But they still promise the good things while also telling us why we should choose BNProbotFX instead of other developers.

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They claim they’ll monitor our accounts 24/5, setup VPS for us and even help with installation.

With these robots, we can even change strategies anytime, copy successful algorithms, see “live trading results” or paper trade with their EAs free of charge.

This seems to be the only advantage for using BNP Robot FX.

If we can paper trade, then anyone with enough time to spare can sign up with these brokers and start trading on a demo for free.

Is BNP Robot FX Legit?

To answer this question, we will need to make some considerations.

The vendor proclaims that their automated trading solutions have an accuracy 95.82%.

This figure cannot be verified because the vendor did not provide a myfxbook data sample.

They claim that over 5000+ traders are using their EAs.

It is hard to verify these figures because that would mean going through every robot they promote and trying to find customer data.

The best thing to do would have been to include a myfxbook link alongside each Forex robot they promote.

The only thing that BNP Robot FX focuses on is marketing.

Their sales page includes TrustPilot approval (Trustpilot is the Mecca of fake customer reviews) and some budges of popular financial news magazines.

This is a common trend among scammers on the internet.

While BNPRobotFX may not necessarily be a scam, their products or service do not seem to meet the criteria for inclusion into our list of recommended trading products.


BNP Robot FX is just a market place of Forex robots.

You cannot find crucial information about their robots unless you visit the websites of individual Forex robot developers.

Traders do not have the time to do this kind of research, and BNProbotfx would have certainly made their work easier by making this info readily available.

At this point in time, we do not see ourselves recommending any of the products promoted by this vendor.

We will update this review when new information becomes available.

3 Responses to “BNP Robot FX Review: Scam Robots at”

  1. Aubrey michael Denton says:

    The main problem, as with all these robots, and should be pointed out, in all reviews about these robots, Is, when it comes to the affiliated brokers they use. They are usually unregulated offshore brokers. The robots are legitimate and get the decent reviews, even from the likes of Trustpilot. but the brokers are scammers from St, Vincent and the Grenedines and places like that..I speak out of experience, after signing up to two of these legitimate robot, losing $250 each time, making thousands in profits, but with no chance of withdrawals. no matter how you try to get your monies . the brokers just ignore you.. IF THIS WAS POINTED OUT IN ALL THESE REVIEWS THEN THE ROBOT PROVIDERS WILL START TO LOOK AT THE BROKERS THEY DO BUSINESS WITH

    1. TEFX Team says:

      If a Forex EA has a good strategy and a proven track record, it’s your job to look for a reliable Forex broker that can accommodate your needs.

      I don’t think a decent robot provider will force anyone to sign up with a broke that they are affiliated with.

      This shouldn’t be an issue in my opinion.

  2. Joshua says:

    BNP robot fx is a big scam. They just scammed my sister with $250 as I speak. Everyone should avoid them.

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