Blue Signals FX Review: It’s a Scam!

Welcome to the Blue Signals FX review.

Did this company scam you? Are you facing difficulty withdrawing money out of this broker?

You can recover your money here with 100% success rate! is a high yield investment program that also masquerades as a Forex, CFDs and binary options broker.

Blue Signals FX claims that it is incorporated as Blue Signals Limited but the truth is that no such company has ever been registered anywhere.

Bluesignalsfx was created in June of 2019, but information about owners have never been disclosed.

Furthermore, BlueSignalsFX is providing a US physical address (586 Mcardle Road Kinsey, Alabama 36303, USA) but claiming to be regulated by the UK financial regulator, FCA.

Blue Signals Fx review

Either Blue Signals FX is lying about their presence in the US soil or they’re committing securities fraud.

It is illegal to offer securities in the US without a proper license from the SEC. If you’re from the US, see the SEC’s website for more info.

The operators can be contacted using live chat or the email

In this Blue Signals FX review, I’ll start with their most notorious service which is the high yield investment program where they proclaim to deliver 10% to 15% daily returns.

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These returns are obviously too good to be true.

So this operation is definitely a scam and not a way to gain financial independence as purported on the sales page.

Blue Signals FX review

They claim to have partnered with a broker called Binary Trade Mix in order to provide Forex trading to their clients.

The website “” is defunct and no Forex trading services are being offered on the said website or in collaboration with BlueSignalsFX.

Meanwhile, they claim that Forex trading with Blue Signals FX enables traders to enjoy tight spreads available for currency pairs like EURUSD  (0.7 pip), EURJPY (0.9 pip), AUD/USD and USD/CHF.

The imaginary broker is also offering “competitive spreads” for currency pairs not listed in the Blue Signals FX website.

And of course through partnership with this non existent broker, this scam is offering CFDs trading on mobile devices as well.

If you have an iPad, iPhone or an Android device, no problem. Blue Signals FX will provide you with a professional trading environment.

In addition to this, the “investment company” is providing trading in binary options. It is not clear whether the trading platform is offered by a third party or is integrated into the BlueSignalsFX website.

Either way, these binary options trading instruments require that traders stake a minimum of $15.

Reputable and well regulated binary options brokers like iqoptions allow staking as little as $1 because they understand risk management plus they do not want to put financial pressure on their clients.

However, this scam, Blue Signals FX seem to be greedy and they know that the more you stake with a lot of money, the quicker they’ll deplete your bank balance.

Furthermore, these guys are claiming that their company is the leading Cryptocurrency exchange since day 1 of Bitcoin distribution.

Of course this is a big fat lie considering that this fake firm has not been providing any purported trading or investing services until June of 2019.

Blue Signals FX review: how they rob you

If this was a legit Forex broker, they would be properly regulated and they would also provide traders with a proper trading environment with resources such as MT4 trading platform, leverage and good spreads.

They would also tell us what fees are applicable in their trading and whether or not they charge commission or offer accounts specifically designed for traders of the Islamic faith.

However, it’s quite apparent that no MT4 trading platform is present.

Consequently, nothing related to Forex trading is being offered by this website.

But if you look at how they operate, you’ll clearly see that Blue Signals FX is far from being a legit broker or investing firm.

BlueSignalsFX requires investors to create an account in minutes, deposit a minimum of $300 and wait for daily returns to accumulate.

While most of the websites purporting to offer investment services are operating this way and scamming people in the process, quite a few are legit.

The legit ones are often partnering with brokers and your money is traded in the hands of a professional money manager, not the way Blue Signals FX is doing it.

Moreover, the advertised daily returns are quite high. 10% per day is an equivalent of 300% returns in a month.

There is no hedge fund that can generate these figures whatsoever.

Only scammers can promise you quick riches by telling you that they can generate 300% returns in a month. not regulated

The more we look around on their website, the more we find red flags that point to the fact that Blue Signals FX is a scam.

Their US physical address is most likely misleading because we don’t think or believe a scam like this can operate in the US.

If that is the case, a flood of complaints can mount on them and regulators would quickly seize the domain and throw some people into the federal prison.

So let’s rule out the possibly of this scam being operated in the US.

Even some of the worst financial scams on the internet have a disclaimer on the footer of their website to warn people that they don’t accept US customers.

It simply means the consequences are not worth risking.

Secondly, Blue Signals FX claims that they are licensed and authorized by the FCA to offer financial services.

This is not true because the FCA does not even have the name of this entity in their database.

Furthermore, if the company is fake (since it does not exist), it can never qualify to be licensed because having a properly incorporated company is one of the requirements to owning a license.


Blue Signals FX is a cheap scam. The aim is to collect $300 from random people who visit the website thinking they’ll gain financial freedom.

They might offer minimal returns at first so as to gain the trust of the victim and make them deposit more.

These scams typically call their victims to demand more deposits on the promise that profits will be multiplied in the next few hours.

If you dance to their tune, you’ll lose money.

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