Black Trading Forex (BTFX) Review: Scam?

Black Trading Forex aka BTFX is a live signals and education service that feels they can elevate and empower the community.

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Through their BTFX premium group packages, the service will provide “high quality trades”, in-depth analysis and personal support.

The service is operated by Abid Rahman, a young guy who claims that he started trading in 2017 and is now “consistently profitable”.

On the other hand, they launched the official website ( in March 2020.

Obviously this is 3 years of trading but we do not actually know at what point they started becoming “consistently profitable”.

We’d like the vendor to provide some more insights into their trading journey and what they’ve achieved because this information can determine whether or not we’ll include the service into our most coveted list of trading products and services.

black trading forex

Black Trading Forex (BTFX) Review

This is brief and straight to the point.

Black Trading FX is selling signals and trading education where clients can subscribe for free or opt for the paid service.

There is a section that highlights trade analysis, pips gained, services offered and the ultimate promise that Abid Rahman is giving to the community.

They also have a TradingView profile where they post their trade analysis and commentary.

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This content is definitely useful but we still need to find a way of verifying that Mr. Abid Rahman is a consistently profitable trader.

We need to verify that the owner of Black Trading Forex is quite different from the competition, and the only way to achieve this goal is to look into his live trading account.

Does he have a strong performance record even if it’s for 6 months only?

Most vendors do not want this question. They won’t reply to my emails and they either freak out or get terribly rude.

Others claim it’s personal. All of these people are Forex charlatans!

Black Trading FX product breakdown

The free analysis group is a good place to start with if you want to test the quality of the trades without investing a penny upfront.

For some reason, Black Trading Forex has also provided two premium packages where clients will pay to get special type of service.

The BTFX basic plan provides signals with entry, take profit, stop loss and personal support.

The other plan is the BTFX premium package which costs $50/monthly, $80 every 2 months or $150 every 4 months.

Clients wanting to get Forex training will pay $750 while a lifetime subscription into Black Trading Forex membership costs $500.

This course is definitely expensive and it’s our hope that Black Trading Forex will provide good reasons why they believe this Forex course should be worth this much.

Secondly, we don’t believe in lifetime subscriptions. They don’t make sense.

If the vendor is very good at trading, which means he makes money from trading, they won’t really spent personal time providing education and support for just $500.

It won’t be worth their time. Learning a profitable skill costs much more than $500.

But it’s dumb when you pay for a skill without questioning the experience of the teacher.

Does Abid Rahman have a track record?

This is a good question and track records are good for proving that the trader is proficient and can sell his strategy if he wishes.

Black Trading Forex does not provide any links to their myfxbook account where we can see the supposed success of this trading educator.

At this point, even paying for their trade analysis is something we’re skeptic about.

We still that this service is lacking in terms of demonstrating quality of trading and signals.

It is better to hide the strategy during the sales pitch but make sure that verifiable trading performance is available.


We do not see any compelling reasons to recommend the services of Black Trading Forex.

The vendor does not offer any valuable insights into their trading. The only thing they have is a sales pitch where clients can rely on promises.

If they can fix this, we will definitely come back to update this review.

But as it currently stands, the vendor does not have a verifiable track record. So how will he convince us to subscribe in the first place?

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