BJF Trading Group Review: Scam Trading Systems?

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BJF Trading Group Inc is a company that creates Forex expert advisors and indicators. They claim to have provided “cutting-edge software development solutions” since 2000.

The domain was registered in June 2019, so it’s hard to know when exactly their development operations started.

They’re allegedly headquartered in Canada and their services range from creating trading software for MT4, to MT5, and cTrader platforms respectively.

Boris and Alex were handling customers as of May 2019. It’s not clear whether they’re still representation the sales team.

In addition to this, their marketing materials suggest that they can custom-code for their clients.

BJF Trading Group review Software for Forex Traders

BJF Trading Group appears to be operated by the same people who own also sells similar products and services as The two websites even share the same logos.

Other website owned and operated by this company is

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Since BJF Trading Group boasts of 20 years of experience in trading software development, and their prices are above the roof, we’d like to review them in this post and let you know whether their products would be viable if you buy a license.

In the meantime, we’re recommending these automated trading tools and not including BJF Trading Group EAs and indicators due to reasons that shall be explained in this review.

BJF Trading Group review

Their method of operation is similar to that of King Quant LLC website.

They both sell trading software (EAs and indicators) for Forex, CFDs and indices. However, BJF Trading Group goes a notch higher to include Cryptocurrency trading software.

Generally speaking, this company’s website is straight forward, although some gimmicky elements are still apparent.

They want traders to know that BJFTradingGroup is offering professional coding services for trading systems.

They claim to have mastered various coding languages for trading software which include MQL4, MQL5, Java PhP Python and C++.

Then developer is providing more of their technical knowledge than their demonstrated trading performance.

BJF Trading Group is like the Walmart of trading software since they’re provide nearly all types of trading systems.

We see that their prices are out of the norm unlike other trading vendors who provide good trading systems for way less.

There must be a reason as to why BJF Trading Group is pricing their products with such price tags, and they must also convince the trading community in order to sell licenses.

Some of the trading products they sell include:

  • Forex and CFDs Arbitrage software for cTrader……… $695
  • Latency MT5 Arbitrage software……………. $850
  • Lock latency Arbitrage for MT4 and Fix API…….. $849
  • Low risk scalping Forex robot for MT4……$699
  • And many more

BJF Trading Group sells one Crypto trading software called VIP Crypto arbitrage software. This one costs $1,200.

Some of their products are sold on a subscription pricing model. The trading community is being sold these products for the price of $850 per month.

This is definitely not your average trading software developer as the pricing is not within the reach of most traders who are just starting out.

And if these trading systems are worth the high price tag, the developer should at least make an attempt to convince us by providing info about trading strategy and performance over time.

They’ve provided brief strategy explanation for each one of their products on the check out page.

These trading strategies sound ordinary and it’s actually difficult to convince traders that these strategies can actually cost this much.

We definitely appreciate this part but there are many things we will be looking for before recommending or asking traders to avoid BJF Trading Group products.

Trading results

Some of their trading software don’t need trading results to sell. However, a good number still need to be backed by credible trading performance.

We’re focused on the specific trading software that need results published on a statement sharing platform such as

Before we log into our PayPal accounts to pay for a license, we need to know what trading results these Forex and Crypto trading EAs and indicators have achieved in the hands of the developer.

Unfortunately we can’t find any trading results anywhere on the BJF Trading group website.

The company has created a account as we later found out. You can find this account here. 

The moderator of the comments section is someone called Borys Fesenko. When you click his name to view his profile, you’ll see that he is claiming associations with the website

They’ve provided a range of trading strategies and results for their Forex and Crypto EAs.

Some of the products listed on this myfxbook account don’t appear on the sales page of BJF Trading Group.

Notably, all of the trading accounts at are not verified in terms of track record and trading privileges. This means that results can be manipulated in some way.

Most of the trading strategies here show impressive performance though.

But at the same time, none of these trading accounts are actively being traded as shows that they were abandoned long time ago.

We feel that something this presentation is fishy. We feel that the developer is trying to play some stupid game with traders.

It is gimmicky because the results are laced with half truths and half lies.

Did real users leave behind reviews behind for BJF Trading Group products?

There are some reviews from customers who purchased products from

We know that BJF Trading Group is owned and operated by the same people who manage IticSoftware, so these reviews more or less reflect products from the two websites.

Nevertheless, we’d like to point out that not all of these reviews are legitimate.

One particular user was flagged by the FPA admins for spamming the forums with fake testimonies.

Another user sensationally claimed that the vendor tried to sell him $800 worth HFT tick scalper by pretending to be using it on a live account when the account was actually a demo.

As for the positive BJF Trading Group reviews, we feel that most of them are fabricated in one way or the other.

This is total deception.


We’ll leave this BJF Trading group review as is unless the developer proves that they’re not trying to engage in malice.

High price tag is one disqualifying factor that works against this vendor and secondly, they’re not smart liars. We need to see a better presentation and proof of trading results should be made available as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading the BJF Trading Group review. This is the same company that runs Keep this in mind when giving your feedback below.

Spam comments from fake fund recovery agents will be filtered out and so are false testimonials.

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