Bizintra Review: a Scam, Avoid JONATHAN FARRELLY!

Welcome to the Bizintra review. is posing as an online trading education website that also provides a live trading room experience.

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The trading educators at Bizintra have zero verifiable track record of trading success.

However, the owner of the company is playing foul by making victims believe that he has a truly profitable trading strategy.

They offer a trading room and VIP membership experience at a cost of between £99 and £999.

Also, there’s free trading education provided you sign up with their recommended broker since they have an IB partnership.

They call this sponsored education since all you have to do is deposit your trading capital with the recommended broker.

Promotion materials on the Bizintra website suggests that the company offers interactive and engaging learning

This is just a way of making sure that they can optimize their revenue. It’s not much into helping you but their bottom line.

In fact, if you’re not paying for the course, then you’re actually compensating by paying expensive spreads at their “recommended broker”.

Who owns Bizintra and what’s their background?

The company introduces JONATHAN FARRELLY as the CEO. In his statement, Mr. Jonathan promises “transparency”, cost-effectiveness and willingness to “help” retail traders succeed.

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According to their contact us page, the company’s headquarter is in Dublin and can be contacted through email ( and phone (+353 (1) 9066416) respectively.

It’s not known what kind of trading experience JONATHAN FARRELLY and his team have.

The website did not provide a trading performance record and neither do they exercise their alleged transparency by showing us their myfxbook account.

At this point, it is difficult to believe their marketing materials which suggest that the trading educator will give students some profitable strategies for trading the currency market.

We’re doubting all of this story.

Other services offered by Bizintra

In addition to the above, the company offers an internal traders network where you get access to their strategies, Signals, daily analysis & 1-2-1 support.

This network allows you to copy every trade the Bizintra head traders are taking, benefitting from there success rates, while learning their strategies along the way.

The Enigma strategy automated trading system is a special software developed to use the latest AI and machine learning technology for efficiency. 

With regards to this service, Bizintra promises to provide daily signals, active monitoring of trades and risk management through AI and machine learning technology.

The cost of this signal program is just £99 per month.

Last but not least, this company is also providing the ultimate Bizintra experience for £5,000 per year. 

It might seem like everything costs money here. But is the experience of learning with the help of this company worth your time and investment?

Definitely no! It’s a rip off because the trading educator isn’t transparent and sincere with us concerning what they sell.  

The Actual Bizintra review

The website comes across as professional and the sales pitch is also convincing enough. But do not be fooled!

bizintra review

When we first approached JONATHAN FARRELLY before publishing this review, he was pretending to be kind, transparent and upfront with any help we needed in verifying the authenticity of his claims.

When we tested the alleged trading strategies, we found out that this dude does not actually have a solid investing approach. 

Actually, he recycles free trading ideas on the internet and pass them off as his own.

We should also mention that Jonathan is a highly entrepreneurial person with superb “adaptability”. This means the only thing he knows best is to sell, not trading!

You might probably wonder whether we personally know Mr. JONATHAN FARRELLY of 

The easiest way to establish contacts with these trading vendors (whether fake or real) is to send emails from two different domains.

The first email was from a supposedly innocent person looking to learn the financial markets. 

The second email was upfront regarding who we are and what we wanted. 

This time we told him a review of Bizintra was impending. 

He stated that his service was not for those looking to get rich overnight. This is a statement used by pretenders who don’t want to look like charlatans.

I continued to send emails with question after question that could make any vendor abandon my emails.

Of course my job is to expose frauds and I was looking to poke holes and expose this dude in every way.

I was looking for evidence of fraud but to my surprise, he kept on reciprocating to my emails until he ran out of patience.

The bottom line is to find out if these guys actually trade a live account. 

They neither provided a redacted trading statement nor a myfxbook account to this effect.

Currently, Bizintra operates the following social media pages:



You can use the above social media pages to contact them and ask the same questions just to see whether he’ll reply.

Probably he’ll be rude and threatening or he may just ignore you.


Truthfully, Bizintra is not worth time and investment. 

After our email engagement, I couldn’t verify any of his claims.

For example, Bizintra states that their team of traders have worked for institutions like MORGAN STANLEY and GOLDMAN SACHS.

I dismissed this claim because there’s no evidence of the same.

They’ve also stated that they have 1500+ live traders. Many frauds make these proclamations and are never willing to engage us further in their emails. 

This trading educator is no different when you begin to ask the uncomfortable questions.

Bizintra is definitely a waste of time and money. They are basically a scam!

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