Review: Yes it’s 100% SCAM

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Have you heard or visited a website called This website also claims that the entity behind the platform is called Bittup24 Financial Company. It masquarades as a legitimate Crypto exchange where people can buy, sell and trade Crypto.

The illegitimate Crypto exchange is owned and operated by a person using a Hank Weizen pseudo. This name “Mr. Weizen” is also tied to multiple Crypto-related scamsites which include, Noterex exchange as well as defunct scamsites like, and many more.

The about section on the suggests that the operations of the site are based in Australia. This is a statement that we’re unable to verify. We highly doubt that is run from an Australian address.

So this is clearly a scam operation and we have many other pieces of evidence that we can use to make you see why you shouldn’t trade or invest in this shady platform. Review: Reasons why this site is a scam

Here are a couple of things which suggests that we are dealing with a classic Crypto scam rather than a legitimate platform where people can safely buy and sell their Crypto.

  • Fake launch date (site was registered in April 2023 instead of 2018 as alleged in the roadmap)
  • Roadmap is false and misleading.
  • Ownership structure cannot be verified and the name Hank Weizen is a pseudo tied to many Crypto scam sites.
  • Bittup24 and other sites owned by “Hank Weizen” are being flagged for malware and phishing.
  • This platform or company has not registered with the financial regulators in Australia where they allegedly do business from.
  • Review from people chating on the trading forums have also concluded that this site is a scam.

An important discussion about Bittup24 exchange

The site was recently created and they don’t have any digital footprint that would suggest that they’re experienced and are handling customers’ orders on a daily basis.

The scamsite is also using enticing words to lure new traders into their trap. They’re clearly targeting people who are new to the Crypto trading space.

Their trick is simple: Once a user is tricked into handing over their funds and personal data, they will find that they cannot withraw any funds from the con artists platform.

When a customer tries to withdraw their funds, Bittup24 puts unncessary delays and even gives excuses so as not to return the customers’ money.

There is no time when these scammers will give in to the victim’s numerous requests to withdraw funds. It would take several emails and phone calls but they will never cave in to the pressure. Instead, the scammers will opt to ignore those emails and phone calls at some point.

If you’re a potential investor, beware of Bittup24. They are not honest. We cannot verify anything they promise.

The rule of thumb is that when a new Crypto trading platform appears on the internet, you should scrutinize it carefully before falling for their claims.

Site is being used to attack computers and steal personal data

As we were preparing this review, we noticed that our antivirus was blocking access to this site. You can see the kind of errors we were getting anytime we visited a site that is related to “Hank Weizen“.

Hank Weizen's bittup24 website is full of malware

It seems this anonymous entity is also using his sites to inject malware into people’s computers. If you get to click things on his websites, you may unknowingly download a ransomware or a virus that causes inconvenience to you (if not to steal your sensitive data like banking information).

Conclusion of this review

In general, be careful with this site as there are so many red flags that we cannot just sweep under the carpet.

The scammer uses a common pattern that we are now too familiar with. This pattern is currently being used to trick victims in sites like UptrendCenter, Swiss Win, and the Financial Centre.

Avoid Bittup24 at all cost.

If you have a bad experience with these guys, kindly leave your comment down below.

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