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Today we’re going to look at because it claims to offer guaranteed passive income to all members.

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In addition to this, marketing materials on the claim that it is the first fully decentralized Bitcoin Uni-level and Matrix opportunity of its kind.

This basically suggests that is an MLM that documents all partner contributions in the blockchain ledger.

The problem is that we do not have evidence that Bitnamix is actually operating a blockchain software where crowdfunding activities happen uninterrupted.

Actually we do not see why this website admin should not just collect Bitcoins from new deposits into his own personal BTC wallet, then run away with your money!

This is how all Bitcoin MLMs operate and Bitnamix is no different.

Besides this, is a very new website since it was created in July 2020. They’ve not disclosed ownership information.

bitnamix review

Instead the platform is using vague marketing statements like “We are a group of Crypto enthusiasts”.

Before you actually “invest” in these Crypto operations, you need to ask many questions because someone cannot be trustworthy by the mere fact that they are yelling using the word Transparency!

Also, consider this copy trading service as they run managed accounts where revenue is generated from Crypto, Gold and Silver Trading.

Bitnamix Review: Is this legit or Scam?

Looking at this website, it is quite obvious that investors need to part with some initial amount before they can “earn passive income”.

For earning to happen, “partners” must join the 2X2 matrix using at least $25.

The 2X2 Matrix consists of 6 levels which will be occupied by 6 partners. As soon as this matrix is full, a new one will automatically open.

Now, based on this model of operation, money is supposed to come from new partners since the website does not disclose ways of generating ROI from external sources.

In fact, they make it clear from the word go that this website is offering an MLM opportunity.

This is what they mean when they say Bitnamix is an “international crowdfunding platform”.

If money comes from other people who have to join and recruit to earn, it basically means that this is a zero sum game.

Older members of this MLM are supposed to gain from new members. As soon as the numbers slow down (due to the fact that people will eventually freak out), payments also stop.

Payment is divided between the admins of this website and the old members who recruit others by lying to them that they will attain financial freedom.


The aim of such websites is to scam the financially desperate. This is a petty thief asking for $25 only which means they are crooks from the bottom of the foodchain.

You cannot attain financial freedom by joining MLMs, pyramid schemes etc. Even HYIPs are basically run by scammers.

You can only make money by trading the financial markets in a genuine way, let’s say by using an automated trading system or managed trading accounts from reputable providers.

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