Bithebank Review: Unregulated Scam Broker (

We sympathize with you if you lost money to Bithebank. Unfortunately, is cheating unsuspecting investors and stealing their deposits. Good news is that you can recover your money by VISITING THIS PAGE and following the instructions.

That said, Bithebank is not a broker you can choose for your professional trading experience. First of all, their platform is lacking information about who they are and why we should trust them.

Instead, Bithebank is making general talk about Forex and trading and then inviting us to sign up. This is a red flag. Even if you use the best trading software or signal service, you will steal fail because this type of broker will keep manipulating your winning trades.

Bithebank Review: Who are these people?

They claim to be from New York. They also claim to have won multiple awards (which we are not able to verify). The address 111 Franklin St New York, 11010 NY which they provide in their contact us page belongs to a private home appartment.

How can a broker do business in a private apartment? Ask yourself this question and you will see that indeed this is a red flag.

We do not know what company is behind Bithebank’s operations. The broker has refused to name its company and no team members details have been presented on the webpage either.

The reason they hide is because they want to steal your money and go scottfree. They want nothing to do with being shamed publicly on the internet or risking an arrest. So keeping a low profile seems to be the way to go.

Bithebank is unregulated (no valid Forex broker license)

Just like, this broker does not have a financial license which gives them the right to provide trading and investment services.

This means that the broker is not accountable to any regulatory authority. When they receive your deposit, they can steal it and nothing will happen.

By the way, an unregulated broker’s job is to steal investors funds. There is no exception. The only thing you must do now is to avoid them.

How they steal funds from unsuspecting investors

Bithebank wants a minimum deposit of $500. Unfortunately, the broker does not deserve to be given any money because they’ve failed to reveal the cost of their spreads, commission, swaps and other details.

The broker is intending to scam any victim will will provide an email address and a phone number. As soon as you do so and fail to make a deposit, the scammers will start to give you endless calls, pursuading you to make a deposit.

Once you place the deposit, they can steal it right away or entice you to deposit more money when it reaches a point where you want to cash out your ‘profits’.

They will come up with stories such as the need to pay tax to withdraw your profits etc. This is often a ploy to steal more money from you. They only stop calling you when it’s clear to them that you have discovered their trick.

The Conclusion

Do not waste your time investing with a scam like Bithebank. They are trained to lure unwitting investors and stealing from them ultimately.

We do not want you to be a victim, hence the reason we provide you with this warning. Thanks for reading this review.