Review: an Investment Scam is a website that peddles Crypto mining services in addition to automated trading of shares, ICOs, e-commerce, Oil and Gas.

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$250 is the minimum deposit needed to get started with this “investing opportunity”.

We doubt the credibility of this platform which is why we insist that traders and investors in general should only sign up with investing companies that have worked hard to build their reputation.

Meanwhile, keeps making several references to a now defunct website known as

Either the owner of Bitfxtime copy-pasted the other website’s FAQ page or these two are owned by the same person.

At the same time, their about us page is mentioning another company called Capex.

At this point, we’re not even sure whether Bitfxtime is a registered company in the UK since their website provides contradicting information.

Bitfxtime Review

There’s a sense of uncertainty throughout this website due to their lack of proper communication.

The website itself has awkwardly placed images and texts that make the entire platform unprofessional.

Currently ownership of BitFXTime is not disclosed anywhere on the website.

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This is the first basic information that we expect from these so-called UK companies.

This information may also include a list of companies executives, their roles, real company address (not fake virtual address) and so on.

The website does not provide any of these details. In fact, even their corporate certificate is nowhere to be found unlike other scams that are incorporated in the same jurisdiction.

They also claim to have “65+ specialists” working for Bitfxtime. This is quite vague as we do not know about their roles and level of experience.

In addition to this, marketing materials claim this company has existed since 2014.

This is a white lie because according to, the website was created in December 2019.

Is it safe investing with Bitfxtime?

We wouldn’t recommend investing with this “investing service” because of the following reasons:

Not regulated by the FCA or any other authority

If they claim to operate in the UK, they should at least produce their FCA authorization number since they are providing financial services.

Unfortunately this is an illegal website because it is not licensed. It appears the aim is to steal funds from the public and then close shop as soon as possible.

No evidence of trading or Cryptocurrency mining

They claim to trade shares and that profits can be paid every 24 hours.

We have looked across the entire website but did not find any evidence of trading.

This sort of trading requires a broker statement so we can verify and cross-check with the involved broker if it’s true that Bitfxtime trades and earns the kind of “profits” they portray.

Too good to be true profits

Bitfxtime claims that they generate 50% daily returns.

This is not normal and we also ask ourselves why the owners of this website are begging people to send them money in the first place.

At this rate, they should be millionaires that have no business putting up a cheaply done website like

In short, it is not possible to produce these returns. Even the smartest hedge funds struggle to make 50% annually.

So this is clearly a scam.


Bitfxtime is most likely a HYIP. Such websites don’t last a long time.

Ultimately, they will close down and run away with all the money.

Currently we see that this website does not get any traffic. The owner might decide to keep hosting it until he finds a way to drive traffic to it.

Either way, avoid such doggy websites at all cost.

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