Review: Bitcoin Mining Scam!

Bitfxm is promoting itself as a reliable Bitcoin mining investment platform.

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They even claim that the platform is incorporated as Bitfxm Global Ltd in the UK.

Details of this company are scanty and their website is just a couple of weeks old.

While this website is primarily marketing its service as a mining platform, they are also claiming to generate interest from trading of Crypto in a fund management way.

Is Bitfxm legit?

No, this website cannot be legitimate. If you want a legit Crypto trading service, kindly look for opportunities on this page.

They don’t say what they’re doing with your Bitcoins to generate interest from it.

Bitfxm review

The cheapest “investment pack” costs 0.16 BTC but sadly when you send this Bitcoin to them, the scammers will make away with it.

Furthermore, they proclaim that Bitfxm generates guaranteed returns for their investors.

This is not true. There is no return at all. The only thing that this website wants is to steal your money.

This is why they are anonymous and their supposed fund management company is not regulated by a financial watchdog.

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Forget about this cheap Crypto scam by the name Bitfxm.

It cannot be legit with all of the red flags found on their website.

We wonder whether you’d have spotted those red flags on your own if we never published this review.

But now you know!

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